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6 maggio 2024

Adding PrettyDamnQuick to our tech stack has upgraded the way we handle shipping & logistics in a massive way– which in turn has also enhanced our customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and bottom line profitability.

But PDQ didn't just improve our backend operations; they revamped our customer's front-end experience too. Their dynamic shipping rates and transparent delivery promises keep our customers coming back and significantly reduce checkout abandonment- a huge win.

They take the guesswork out of our efforts as we test everything before rolling it out. Their A/B tests uncovered several opportunities that amount to multiple 6 figures in pure profit.

Working with PDQ is a game-changer—they are not just a great SaaS solution but they’ve become a crucial extension of our team.

We've never been more confident in our checkout or shipping operations. If you're on the fence about PDQ, take it from us: they’ve been a pivotal part of our profitable growth journey and are the real deal.

Jones Road
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2 maggio 2024

PDQ has consistently delivered exceptional customer support, and their A/B testing has spread light on otherwise unseen revenue for some big wins.

For example, we recently ran a price sensitivity test, aiming to find the right balance between shipping cost and customer satisfaction. PDQ skillfully implemented variations in shipping prices, which not only helped us cover our costs but also increased our average order value and conversion rates—without hurting customer loyalty.

The results were eye-opening, and enabled us to adjust our shipping strategies effectively. In general, PDQ's checkout optimization tools have been instrumental in enhancing our overall e-commerce performance.

They've ensured that our checkout process is as smooth as possible, significantly boosting our sales and customer satisfaction.

Charlotte Stone
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PDQ Logistics Ltd. ha risposto 9 maggio 2024

Thanks for the love! 👟 💜

15 maggio 2024

At Huron, PDQ has been a game-changer for our business. The analytics dashboard & checkout optimization are helping us determine what's best for our business and our customers in a streamlined way. It's allowed us to choose paths that increase AOV, boost checkout conversion rate, and ensure a transparent customer experience from PDP to checkout.

However, PDQ is truly best-in-class when it comes to customer service. They respond to questions and ideas within hours of presentation, and their chat functionality has bugs fixed within minutes. The team has been attentive, creative, and nothing short of fantastic partners as we've continued to learn more about optimizing our online experience.

We highly recommend PDQ to any Shopify store looking to enhance their checkout experience, boost revenue, and grow the business with a thoughtful partner.

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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
17 maggio 2024

At Beekman 1802, we couldn't be happier with PDQ. This comprehensive, easy-to-use tool has allowed us to make significant improvements to our checkout experience. The support we receive from the PDQ team is top-notch and unmatched.

The A/B tests they have planned and executed for us have provided invaluable insights and boosted our conversion rates. PDQ's rate shopping ensures we use the least expensive rate and we can even rate shop while offering specific shipping promotions. The ease which we can make adjustments to our shipping options is truly a game changer. PDQ does everything it says it will & more! They DELIVER.

We can't wait to see how PDQ will continue to help us maximize revenue and profits!

Beekman 1802
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
PDQ Logistics Ltd. ha risposto 3 giugno 2024

Thanks so much! 💜

15 maggio 2024

PDQ has been an invaluable tool here at Madbury Road for optimizing our checkout and delivery process. As a patio furniture brand, ensuring accurate and reasonable delivery promises is crucial for customer satisfaction. PDQ has enabled us to display a delivery promise on the product page and provide shipping options based on the shopper's location.

Each delivery method includes an accurate delivery promise tailored to the specific order and address, enhancing our customers' shopping experience. Since implementing PDQ, we've seen a noticeable increase in customer trust and satisfaction, leading to higher conversion rates and fewer cart abandonments.

Madbury Road
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11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
PDQ Logistics Ltd. ha risposto 3 giugno 2024

Thank you! We love working with you all.

6 maggio 2024

PrettyDamnQuick has been instrumental in boosting our performance with their committed, hands-on approach. They don't just set things up; they dive deep into ongoing optimizations that have had a significant impact on our profits.

Their expertise in A/B testing and operations are really top notch. For example, we tested lower shipping rates for the UK market and the outcomes were beyond our wildest expectations, contributing an additional seven figures to our annual revenue. Or trying out a simple message promoting free shipping for US orders over $40, a small tweak that resulted in six figures of additional profit for us.

PDQ's tools and strategies don't merely optimize checkout processes; they enhance the overall sales strategy, making them an invaluable partner for continuous growth in e-commerce.

Laura Geller Beauty
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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
7 maggio 2024

PDQ consistently delivers for us. Their tech is exactly what we need and their customer support is phenomenal. We made the switch from ShipStation over a year ago and we are never looking back!

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23 aprile 2024

The PDQ app works flawlessly, which is great. But the real winner here is the PDQ support team. This isn't just an app that you install and then you're left on your own figuring everything out. The team is SO responsive and helpful. They understand the importance of fulfilling orders and treat your store as if it were their own in terms of timeliness and accuracy. I am really glad we found this tool and have total confidence in integrating it into our tech stack.

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14 marzo 2024

When you’re running a growing ecom store, it’s impossible to constantly optimize everything on your own. Sometimes because of capacity, and sometimes because of capabilities & tech.

For us, getting our checkout to work optimally and to integrate with our delivery was always elusive, that is, until we partnered with PDQ. Working with them has been HUGE for us.

Their A/B testing is incredible. As a brand always looking for ways to enhance our customer journey, PDQ's A/B testing capabilities enabled us to specifically target and increase checkout conversion by a staggering 4.1%!

Working with them is easy, they bring their own ideas and analysis to everything and the integration was seamless.

Highly recommend PDQ for any Shopify brand looking to optimize conversions and drive sales.

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11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
14 marzo 2024

Partnering with PrettyDamnQuick was a game-changer for us at Ibex. Their innovative approach cut our shipping costs by 40% and streamlined our logistics like never before.

The seamless onboarding and unparalleled support with the quick-response support team, transformed our shipping operations, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

PDQ has been instrumental in enhancing our shipping operations and customer service. We highly recommend them to any e-commerce brand looking to improve their logistics and operational efficiency. Their impact on our business has been profound, and we're excited to continue this partnership.

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