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20 Şubat 2018

As far as producing, they do a good job, however if you get into a situation where something is incorrect (ex. a customer wants to exchange a shirt because the sizing was small) or any real issue comes up, they have a loophole for every situation. It is very tough because you as a business owner are then left to dray and they benefit 100% from every situation.

Owlflex Athletics
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27 Ekim 2017 tarihinde düzenlendi

After one year of using them the main problem was for me the quality. They kind of don't care about it.


Çin Hong Kong ÖİB
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31 Ocak 2022

I really like the app and it's mock ups. I think it's great for setting everything up and it's ease of use. I however don't like that it forces you to you specific dtg locations. The Charlotte North Carolina location has me wanting to invest into my own printing equipment. I really wish they would step up their game on the print quality on sweaters.

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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 2 yıl
Printful yanıt 1 Şubat 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with our fulfillment quality. It is important to us that you receive products and services which are high-quality and up to our standards.

We would love to gather more information on your experience to see where we could make some improvements! Please provide information on your experience with our products by sending details to, we would appreciate hearing from you.

- Elina

9 Temmuz 2021

So I have used Printful a lot in the past year. In the beginning I had big issues with custoemr care and shipping. It got better after a while. BUT I just placed a 200 pcs caps order and they shipped them 10 caps at a time!! Resulting in 20 packages, meaning me having to track 20 packages in a slow Latvian post system as well as a possible 400 Dollars extra fee as customs charges 20 Dollars each time they process a package. They said they can't pack more than 10 hats at a time which is a lie. I've received bigger orders than that, which I can prove by my past orders. So IF they only have the ability to ship small boxes with 10 caps per box they should have mentioned that in the ordering process. This is so unprofessional, this is an important order for me and I am really upset how this has been handled, how untransparent the process has been and that on top of all of this they lie in my face telling me they cannot ship more than 10 hats at a time!!

Family Affairs
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Printful yanıt 10 Temmuz 2021

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback! I certainly understand the situation and that it is not pleasant to receive items in separate shipments.

Currently, there is a specific max amount of items that would be shipped within one box. If the amount exceeds the maximum number of items per box, the order will be split into multiple shipments and shipped to the customer separately.
Please note that the maximum number of items per box, however, differs for each product category.

We appreciate you letting us know about these issues. As we move along, we hope to add more features and packing options and improve your time with us even more.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you! If there's anything else you'd like to share with us or if you have any questions, be sure to let us know at anytime.

- Elina

29 Kasım 2016

Such a pain, the fulfillment process takes a while. They are real "Hold" happy, they place orders on hold and you have to do like many steps to get it released. Not too happy with the customer service either as they are not as helpful as they should be see how my business directly brings business to them. If there is a clothing app alternative someone please let me know. constant frustration with them and their lack of assistance.

Montone Clothings
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4 Haziran 2017 tarihinde düzenlendi

Had to change my review from 5 stars to 3. I have been using Printful for 2 months now and my biggest problems is a number of products that are consistently out of stock and the number of items that are discontinued. At one point I had over 300 items out of stock and currently have 363 discontinued items. If it continues like this moving forward I will be willing to try another print on demand service.

Hard to sell items if you never have them in stock.

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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 2 yıl
23 Mayıs 2019

You know how when things seem too good to be true? Welcome to Printful. Regularly expect your customers to receive misprinted items, poor print quality (not centered, poor color matching, random smeared ink), and even garments with either holes in them or tearing after 1 wash. It is embarrassing on a level that is forcing me to move away from drop shipping. If you value the face of your business- don't go this route. Invest the money to get your products made up front from a quality manufacturer and do everything yourself. By doing it that way not only can you put eyes on your products before your customers receive it, but it is also more profitable- it's just more time consuming. Trusting these people is poor business, and I guarantee you'll remember reading this if you go with them.

Shooter Up Aviation
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Printful yanıt 24 Mayıs 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!
We're also sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been positive thus far, but hope that we can improve it moving forward.
We pride ourselves in the high quality products and prints we offer, which is why we are truly saddened to hear that you have experienced several quality concerns with your orders.
The issues you mentioned with print quality should not have passed our quality check.
Since all steps of the fulfillment process are done by human hand, mishaps can sometimes occur, although we do understand that is is not an excuse for sending our products with visible quality concerns.
This is why we also offer to easily submit problem reports on your orders, in case you have encountered an issue with the order, so we could assist you as fast as possible.

Our products should also not develop holes after the first wash, that is certainly not to be expected.
We'll follow up with your last problem report for some additional details and hope that we can assist you with these concerns!

- Vita

20 Eylül 2020 tarihinde düzenlendi

Latest update: I updated my rating from 1 start to 2 stars because, after over a month, Printful was finally able to offer an acceptable solution to the problems I encountered with them. I will keep my original comment below for reference to help you understand why I cannot give it a better rating.

I used to love this app (been using it since 2015) but I had two problems regarding a large order for which I paid around $900 - one about the invoice they sent, the second about the fact that I never received the actual order.
Not only did they refuse to reship or refund the order but they added insult to injury to refuse to file a dispute with the shipping company that lost the package.

In the process, they also suggested I illegally falsify an invoice because "it might cause issues with accounting". Like, it didn't cause issues for my company.

So, they do NOT take responsibility for what they send and just politely refuse to fix anything. I personally will not use their service again.

Edit following reply from Printful: I have everything in writing and you did suggest I illegally falsify the invoice. You certainly didn't say it was illegal to do that but suggesting I modify the information myself on an invoice that I did not issue is illegal. Furthermore, you refused to file a dispute with the carrier regarding the lost package that was most likely stolen. I would have been open to repay for shipping but you kept on suggesting I re-order $900 worth of merchandise. I was certainly not going to do that after this mess.
For the invoice, I repeatedly mentioned that the mistake was mine from the beginning and alerted you as soon as I received it but I encountered the same situation with another printing company in the same week and they fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes.
Regarding the shipping of the actual products, you didn't take any responsibility for the fact that I never received it. I contacted the shipping company countless times and their only answer was that the expeditor (you) had to file a dispute which, again, you refused to file leaving me with no t-shirts for the opening of my client's shop and with a $900 hole in the bank.
I've been talking with you for over a month about this problem via e-mail and was waiting to write a review to leave you plenty of time to do the right thing. This reply to try to save your image in this product review page is another insult. This is deplorable.

New Public
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Printful yanıt 16 Eylül 2020

Thank you for your feedback, we truly appreciate it!
We are certainly sorry that you have met with these concerns and hope that we can work something out and improve our collaboration moving forward.

To start off, it is important to note that we have not suggested to illegally falsify invoices - we responded to your requests to update the issued invoice and then tried to work out a solution that would work for your specific case.
As noted in the reply we sent you, the changes you requested were breaching our Terms of Service (Section 8. Responsibility of Site members and visitors; Section 9. Payments and fees; Section 15. Release and Section 16. Indemnity) and contradicted with the requirements of the legal acts.
Due to that, we were unable to proceed with the changes you requested.

As for the order you haven't received - we did reach out to the carrier for more information on the successful delivery of this order, however we don't cover the cost of reshipping or refunding orders, which have been marked as "delivered" by the carrier and we're not yet able to assist with filing claims with shipping carriers, but hope to do so in the future.

We will also be reaching out to you directly with additional details relating to this case.

- Vita

14 Nisan 2018

BEWARE! After doing business with this company for nearly 2 years, since they began they suddenly started fulfillment in the EU, Latvia and now I have to pay the VAT expenses when my customers purchase from that territory out of the US. Not cool!

If you're a US company and you spend all your marketing and customer acquisition costs and then send them to purchase Printful's products, they make 100% of their money, but as the store we then have to either make very little or in some cases, we actually paid money and I'm not in the business to lose money, so I'm pulling all my skus from them and going to their competitor who does have this opt-out function. It's too bad!

Coltstudiostore Com
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17 Mayıs 2018

Good app. Terrible customer service. If you need help, get someone besides Jerimiah H. He told me to give him an order number so he could investigate the issue, I provided it and he turned around immediately and said contact Shopify. The issue I had was with their emails and they did the best they could to mark the ticket solved and literally said "We are sorry we could not fulfill your needs...We wish you the best of luck". Customer service is all that matters these days, there are a ton of other options that offer the same thing Printful does, so I will be looking into those immediately to find one with customer support agents who actually try to solve your issues.

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