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Prisync ‑ Dynamic Pricing

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Competitor Price Tracking, Price Monitoring & Repricing

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Unlimited Price Tracking

Handle an unlimited amount of competitor product price & stock availability information with Prisync's price monitoring app.

Email Alerts & Excel Reporting

You will receive automated price change alerts via email, and can export the data into Excel files.

Dynamic Pricing

Set dynamic pricing rules to make sure that your store always has the most competitive and profitable prices.

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Dynamic Pricing Works Best with Competitor Price Tracking & Monitoring

Prisync is a competitor price tracking & monitoring, dynamic pricing, and pricing optimization app for ecommerce merchants from all around the world.

Since 2013, Prisync tracks millions of prices and stock availability information every day and has customers in over 50 countries.

With our Shopify ecommerce pricing app, you can monitor your competitors’ price moves from a single dashboard and import all your products with a single click. Once you install the app, you'll continuously have a synced data connection between your Prisync account and your Shopify store.

You can automatically match or beat anyone’s prices and take every chance to improve profitability using price matching/dynamic pricing rules you set designed for maximum competitiveness and profitability.

What you'll get with Prisync

  • Save time and money with price scraping technology

Tracking prices manually is not an efficient way to conduct market research in ecommerce anymore, since prices change daily if not hourly. With Prisync, you will track prices and do price comparisons from any website around the world automatically and enjoy the benefits of having fresh and comprehensive data.

  • Increase sales growth and profit margins with dynamic pricing

Apply smart dynamic pricing rules with the pricing data that you are provided to have a competitive edge. Increase sales and profit margins while your prices are on auto-pilot, strictly following the rules that you set.

What's different in Prisync?

  • Unlimited number of competitor price tracking

You can track an unlimited amount of competitors’ prices. Our pricing package doesn’t depend on the number of competitors you add to your dashboard, unlike others.

  • Product variant tracking

Prisync automatically finds the prices of the product variants—size, color, etc.

  • Price updates 4x / daily

You need fresh data to take action and our service updates prices 4 times a day regardless of your payment plan. We know how important that is for immediate reactions to your competitors’ price positioning campaigns.

  • Dynamic pricing and repricing

Set up pricing rules for your products based on costs and competitive intelligence. Apply an automated competitive pricing strategy that'll price match and crush your competitors while making sure that your business remains profitable.

Monitor your competitors’ price moves, reveal their strategies and beat them at their own game. Use our repricing module to make sure you’re taking every chance to improve profitability at the same time.

  • Cancel any time, no commitments

We believe you should be flexible, so we have monthly packages. No contracts and cancel your plan any time for no reason.

Give our app a try!

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  • Price and Stock Updates 4 Times a Day
  • Price Change / Excel Notifications
  • Price Positions
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Marketplace Tracking
  • Variant Tracking



  • Everything in Premium Plan plus:
  • Price History
  • Instant Price Change Notification
  • Advanced Mail Reports
  • Advanced Pricing Analytics

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4.9 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Blue Sky Bathrooms Ltd

In a fast paced competitive market, to have the ability to stay price competitive automatically should be a game changer. Thank you to Ercan for the great service during the setup.

Münchner Dartcenter

The app overall is good and it works properly. Special mention for the customer service, that was really good. The customer service provided as much help as possible at the beginning to help you use and understand the app.

Doug Brady HiFi

We are a small independent so keeping up with competitor pricing is time consuming, so this app is a must if you have comparable products sold in many other competitors, There are many options to go through and the team at Prisync were always there to help in the background even doing a lot of the work for you if you get stuck, I would recommend taken some time with Ercan at Prisync as he is so helpful and then you can get the app working for you, letting you know who is cheaper and allowing you to react fast, you can even set the price to automatically change if you wish. Thank you Ercan for all your help so far :)