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15. leden 2017

Free trial ended and started charging my full price without any notifications. Not one I would recommend to friends. Costs you a pretty penny if you're not clued up on your billing!

The Miniature Architect
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16. listopad 2020

Be careful this app leave some code that interferes with the theme and other apps even when you remove it.

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3. srpen 2018

this app destroyed my store, i install the app and unistall it, Than my description is broken. Thanks !

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Datum úprav: 26. duben 2021

I just had to update my review. After 2 days of struggle and spending time to learn how to make tabs with this I suddenly found so many spammy tabs on different product pages I hadn't even made. If you love your work don't get anywhere near this app. It is a total mess you will regret to add. I wonder where all these positive reviews came from.

Fashion Fanz
Jižní Korea
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Vývojář NexusMedia OÜ odpověděl 30. duben 2021

Hi there,

I'm really sorry for any inconveniences and troubles caused. Our app never adds any content or links that could be considered as spam, unless you add that content in the app settings or your product description text.

What most probably happened is your product descriptions already had some Headings that our app was configured to convert to Tabs. Please let me explain. Our app has an option to create tabs (Standard tabs) based on your product description text, i.e. our app actually splits your product description text onto several tabs with special formatting (Heading 5, for example). If product description of some particular product doesn't contain any Heading 5 headings, there won't be any tabs. And to other product you could add several tabs adding several headings, i.e. with our app each product could have its own set of individual tabs, that's how our app supposed to work. Most probably that's why some of your products did not have tabs while others had some tabs.

I'm really sorry our app behaviour was confusing and we'll do our best to improve our UX, but again we never any content to your website that could be considered as spam.

EasyTabs team

7. říjen 2017

Kept crashing and would mess up my whole store. Terrible

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25. duben 2020

worst app ever ... doesn't work and after a delete it the code on my store was crap....... thanks a lot

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Vývojář NexusMedia OÜ odpověděl 27. duben 2020


Thank you for your feedback, and I'm really sorry you had such issues with our app. Once you remove that app, tabs will automatically disappear from your Storefront (it may take a few moments because of a cache, so if that did not happen immediately, just clear your browser cache).

There really are two snippets with the app code in your theme, that should not affect your Storefront once the app is removed from the Apps section of your Store. To remove app code you might disable the app before removal (Disable tabs button on the app Home screen), so you may install it again, disable, and then remove the app completely.

Alternatively, please contact our support team by email support@nexusmedia-ua.com, and we'll be more than happy to assist and completely remove any code left from the app.

EasyTabs Team

22. listopad 2018

This app destroyed my theme. The tab Headings are misaligned.

The static tab does not work with Judge.Me reviews. It tells me to install Judge.Me reviews even if the app is already installed.

The static tab also does not show up when I created a Refund and Cancellation static tab. It does not show on any product at all.

And when I uninstalled it, the misaligned tabs are still there! Now I have to spend money to pay a developer to put my theme back to its original state!

Matt's Expo
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14. březen 2018

stay far away from app it's not working on non-shopify themes also it has been broken the product view normally when i uninstall the app it must remove all the additional code block from theme but it couldn't so i have to fix the theme manually


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20. červenec 2021

Worst app ever! Doesn't work and after a delete it the code on my store was crap. I only lost my time. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Anya Boutique
Doba používání aplikace: 9 minutami
2. červenec 2021

I installed this app to try it. After realising it wasn't what we were after I removed the app however when I did this it has left behind a snippet of code which has ruined our product pages. We are now trying to find a developer who can resolve the issue left behind by this app. Maybe a one off but i am extremely disappointed.

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