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1 september 2015

Awesome app, also provided a lot of free support, thanks guys!

Teatox Aus
Ongeveer 4 jaar gebruiken de app
4 maart 2016

Decent app, could do with a slightly easier user interface and explanation, but the end result is good

Hook And Ford
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Meer dan 3 jaar gebruiken de app
13 december 2017

This app is OK - it performs as advertised, but nothing more.

The design feels like it was developed in 1998 and not updated since. Customization options are extremely limited (for example you can choose one of 5 ugly fonts, none of which are your theme font) so to adapt it to any modern theme, you really need to know what you're doing with some hacky CSS.

Support is responsive, but not always helpful. There's no way to add a descriptive headline to the widget - say "Product FAQs" - so we had to wrap it and add a descriptor. And as many other apps do, they don't add any helpful attributes to the widget element like, say, number of faqs, so you can't target an empty container. When I asked how to query the data to know if the product has faqs or not, their answer was "send us your login and we'll do it for you", and when I said that wasn't possible, their answer was "send us your login and we'll do it for you". Um, no.

Verenigde Staten
Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
9 juli 2015

We've been busy, so we have not really had the time to get this across all of our pages. However, it is a very easy app to use - and the support is great. We only needed to ask one question about how to put links into the FAQs and they answered right away.

Here's the PROs: Easy to install, easy to use, great support, adds more rich content to each of your product pages, it keeps customers happy because they don't have to go looking for FAQs on your site - they're already on the page they're looking at, it adds more unique content and keywords to your site - which Google likes, and it cuts down on customer service workload because your customers will ask LESS questions on your contact us forms.

CONs: We have not seen any - we love it!

Here's a sample page if they will let us show this link:

Great App - highly recommend!

Jake at Spy-Tronix

Spy Tronix
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app
2 mei 2015

Good support and great app,
Thanks very much for all your help.

Saltwater Conversion
5 maanden gebruiken de app
15 april 2015

Easy to integrate. Enhances our sales process by providing an easy-to-use module to highlight common customer questions about our product right on the product page.

Support was responsive and helped to get my FAQs running on my website.

Looks great and fully customizable styles makes it an outstanding feature to our site.

Our conversions immediately went up after implementing.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Coop Tender
Verenigde Staten
3 maanden gebruiken de app
14 september 2016

great support, i contacted them with a problem I was having and they responded and solved it straight away, with excellent communication.
many thanks

Verenigd Koninkrijk
2 dagen gebruiken de app
11 oktober 2017

too confusing how to install. i'm not a techy and tried to follow directions. But first instruction to "click" on green button didn't work because there was no green button. Too much effort

Zugel Oil
Verenigde Staten
5 minuten gebruiken de app
14 maart 2017

Great additional to product pages. Really clean looking and helps communicate messages to your customers