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27. září 2021

Customer service was amazing , Shamsuddin Rony replied very quickly and solved all my issues. Happy customer

Companion Collection
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25. listopad 2020

We have only just started testing this app but so far am extremely impressed. Shahariare has been so helpful and has made the install process super easy! This app allows our customers to personalise their product live on screen - which is fantastic!

PDSA Pet Store
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12. říjen 2022

We use this to personalize products that people purchase. We offer personalized premium gifts and without this app it would have been very hard to deliver on the intended experience. We searched many apps before we landed on this.
Not only this app is the most advanced one, the customer support team has also been amazing, fast and they go the extra mile to answer your needs. Highly recommended.

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10. říjen 2021

Loved the app very much and it solved my problem just like that, so I don't need to hire a guy for the development.. Also the support is great and they can solve you anything...Cheers to Al Amin Khan

MENA Hadoro Paris
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8. březen 2022

I used this app to set up customization options for a series of mugs that comes with multiple variants. I found this app perfect for my needs, pretty easy to use, and flexible enough to achive the results I wanted. I asked for help to the support team a couple of time; they've been really fast and professional. I recommend it.

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9. listopad 2021

Diese App ist wirklich sehr gut und leichter zu bedienen als manch andere dieser Art. Der Preisplan ist fair und der Support ist wirklich jederzeit bemüht zu unterstützen und zu helfen!

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18. červen 2021

Great app and support!
The developers helped create the necessary variations for my product.
I hope the level of service will not drop in the future.

Neon Interior
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13. říjen 2021

So far, I love it! When I had questions, their support was quick to reply! They were a great help and very easy to work with!!

CCR Custom Metals, LLC
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25. duben 2022

Highly recommend if you need to add personalisation to products. The app also has a 24/7 chat to help with any support issues. Thank you!

The Bridal Thread
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23. listopad 2018

So far this app is great, Perfect for my customers to design custom items, I've been wanting something like this for years and now I finally have it. Easy to upload fonts too!

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