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9. listopad 2021

Diese App ist wirklich sehr gut und leichter zu bedienen als manch andere dieser Art. Der Preisplan ist fair und der Support ist wirklich jederzeit bemüht zu unterstützen und zu helfen!

Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
20. červenec 2023

On day 1 we already knew the user interface are poor, both for the users and customers are poor. But it does the job so we go ahead.
Recently, we want to launch a new product, duplicated from an existing product with this personalizer. So we saved a template and applied it to the new product.
It does NOT work. We contacted support, and it took two days for each response, asked us to delete all the condition settings and applied one by one. We did and is still not working. Then it takes another two days to clarify what the problem is and even asked us to take a video on how we applied the conditions. Isn't there a collaborator account we can grant to them to check or even a staff account? We are stuck here and still waiting for a fix, on a very simple situation: Duplicate the exact same product and apply the same personalizer template.

Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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Vývojář Zepto Apps odpověděl 1. únor 2024

I hope this message finds you well. I want to express my sincere apologies for any inconvenience or frustration you may have encountered with our Shopify app. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we deeply regret any issues that may have arisen.

Taking your feedback seriously, our development team has been hard at work addressing concerns and implementing significant improvements to enhance the functionality and overall user experience of our app.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to update your review based on these recent improvements. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we are committed to delivering a better experience.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

18. červen 2021

Great app and support!
The developers helped create the necessary variations for my product.
I hope the level of service will not drop in the future.

Neon Interior
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
13. říjen 2021

So far, I love it! When I had questions, their support was quick to reply! They were a great help and very easy to work with!!

CCR Custom Metals, LLC
Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
6. říjen 2021

Great App, they have a great team to support you all the time, they also provide extra services when u need special configuration requirements!
Saúdská Arábie
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
25. duben 2022

Highly recommend if you need to add personalisation to products. The app also has a 24/7 chat to help with any support issues. Thank you!

The Bridal Thread
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
3. srpen 2022

L'app è perfetta per il nostro negozio e il support è disponibilissimo e gentilissimo. Ci hanno aiutato ad impostare ogni cosa che non riuscivamo a settare da soli

Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
Datum úprav: 6. leden 2022

This really is a great app. I had a lot of issues after setting it up with items not updating properly in my cart vs checkout, but the support worked with me to get it all resolved. It did take a lot of back and forth, but not having to hire an outside developer was really nice and they made all the changes needed. This app is very versatile and eliminates the need for many other apps, so I suggest setting this app up before adding a bunch of others. It might just fill the need perfectly. Big thanks to the support (Al Amin Khan) for getting everything fixed.

Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: 4 měsíci
26. říjen 2020

Quite useful and user-friendly app, hope they can improve their customer service for better performance.

Own Your Leather
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
25. únor 2017

Nice, simple and quick! Awesome support too! Hiccups along the way, but they are there to help. True problem solver they are :)

Hongkong – ZAO Číny
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny