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24. leden 2023

Great app which offers everything that we need to customize our products. The customer service is super quick, effective and friendly. I can only recommend working with Zepto.

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9. listopad 2022

Great app with multiple options for customization of products and a very fast support that responses in hours.

PACO Deutschland e.K.
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8. listopad 2018

I had problems with the cart. The cost for custimization was wrong. The support was not a good help. Didnt answer to my second mail.

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30. duben 2018

Customer service isnt what its cracked up to be. Told me a "web developer" could do it, well that is me! You cant pay everyone in a small business.

Nikkilynn Boutique
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Vývojář Zepto Apps odpověděl 4. září 2019

Hi, We have added feature for monogram without separate field. You may consider use the app and update review.

31. květen 2021

I got this app to add customization to products, it was working well but now it's super slow and I have to stop my ads because of it. I do not recommend this app.

Grooving Box
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Vývojář Zepto Apps odpověděl 31. květen 2021

Thanks for taking the time to review. We were under DDOS attacks repeatedly by some culprits. We had done what to be done. Due to the external attack of a huge spam load towards our server, they were able to slow down it for a couple of hours. They tried from multiple IPs. We have taken all technical measures suggested by the server team and finally detected all the IPS and block them by Cloudflare. Hope you understand our situation.

7. únor 2021

The app came closest to what we wanted in terms of full product customization. The only reason we are giving it 3 stars and why we decided not to continue with it is unsatisfactory customer support. The responses were always too late. We had to stall our launch for 3 days in order to get a solution to our problems due to multiple back and forth. Support was polite and finally did answer our questions but we were concerned with the amount of time it takes for them to get back. We didn't want to take that risk when we went live.

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25. duben 2022

I'm using the app to add options to our products. I had some trouble with the setup and customer service were great :)

Hoover & Strong Outlet & Unique Finds
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23. leden 2021

A very useful and powerful app for offering customers multiple personalisation options, in a variety of different formats.

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12. září 2022

I don't know what's better, the app or the customer service. I was prepared to do a custom build, spending months and tens of thousands of dollars to achieve what this app does natively. I can't believe my luck in finding that it exists. I've saved myself so much time and money and the team has been amazing at handling my questions when I think something might need a custom change, and they let me know that it's actually already an option. Legends!

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Datum úprav: 3. červenec 2020

Product Personalizer is the best value for money app I ever used for my Shopify store. On top of that, the support team of this app is Excellent, they really care!! I can't thank you enough guys.

AliDropshipping Store
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