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Datum úprav: 5. červen 2019

The app developers, have addressed most of the issues pretty quickly and have been helpful. Although initially there was some misunderstandings, it was cleared up with a screen recording of said bugs and they were swiftly fixed.

I still believe the app can be improved in UX. But it is still a great for what it is.

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Vývojář Zepto Apps odpověděl 1. květen 2019

Thanks for taking time for review.
- This has never been happened and no one out of thousands store owner has never complained that . There is a bulk removing option you might have triggered
- The UI has been improved and field title is replaced by label
- The UI has been improved
- Here is HOW PRICE INCREASE WORKS: https://doshopify.com/product-personalizer/help/how-options-with-costs-are-displayed-in-the-cart-checkout/
You need to set price option in your theme . Here is tutorial: https://doshopify.com/product-personalizer/help/price-per-option-theme-installation/
- This is a theme issue described here : https://doshopify.com/product-personalizer/help/incompatible-themes-price-per-option/
- The tag is created for technical reason to prevent the product being shown in the store. More details : https://doshopify.com/product-personalizer/help/hide-newly-created-product-by-the-app/

We are constantly updating our UI . As the app is a complex product building tool at first it may seem difficult to understand . Once someone is accustomed he/she will certainly enjoy it.

Datum úprav: 6. září 2020

The app has some great features. You can place layers on the background very accurately, styles are easy to customize and the print file feature works extremely well. The only downside was some bugs that appeared, however the support helped me deal with those. Loading times for files seem to take very long, even though the file sizes are small (~100kb).

Best Friend Poster
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Vývojář Zepto Apps odpověděl 8. srpen 2020

Thanks for taking the time to review. We have replied back to you. Please send a screen video on how this is happening as we see no issue from our end and no one reported that yet. Also please delete your browser cache if you upload same label image.

19. listopad 2021

So far, this app has exceeded my expectations. Its ease of use from a configuration point of view is amazing. It has made meeting the customer experience a pleasant one.

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24. září 2022

Great app that fulfilled what's promised. The support team was very responsive, appreciate the prompt responses!

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28. říjen 2021

We are just starting with this app so cannot give full marks yet but, although it is a little tricky to understand at first, we have found so far that it is quite versatile and does pretty much what we need (the ability for customers to be able to only upload images that we provide and/or change the size and position of their selected images would be a great additional feature to have).
Only had a couple of issues so far and found the support team to be very fast and helpful (call out to Shahariare for his assistance here).
Recommend on our experience so far.

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13. říjen 2021

I had some trouble using this app at first because there was a compatibility issue with my client's site. It did take quite a while to receive support initially, but after some time, the Product Personalizer support team was able to resolve the problem. I especially appreciate the support I received from their dev team and Al Amin Khan – they were super helpful! In general, this app is the best, most robust option for anyone who wants to sell personalized products. It has tons of options to fit pretty much any use case. So, as long as you have the patience to get it working, it's a great app!

Saved by Grace Co.
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28. říjen 2021

We used this app to make our products customizable. We achieved our goal using this app, and happy that their representatives are always ready to help us. thanks!

JackJacks Metal
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Doba používání aplikace: 12 dny
10. srpen 2022

Die App ist sehr hilfreich für alle personalisierbaren Produkte. Hier und da ist es vielleicht nicht ganz intuitiv aber der Kundenservice konnte mir bisher immer schnell weiterhelfen!

Matsch mit Sahne
Doba používání aplikace: 9 dny
27. červenec 2021

I would love a little more flexibility on the personalizations, maybe manually placing the image within a delimited surface would come in very handy. The customer service was great, thanks for that.

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27. září 2016

Great App only thing it is missing is an addition to price for different customization options.

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