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Zepto Product Personalizer , Počet recenzí: 882

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24. říjen 2023

I have been using Zepto for a little over 3 years. We have very complex personalized options and they have an app that is built for the challenge.

The support is incredible. They have put hours into helping me over the years. Often the answer is simple, but they never seem annoyed about simple questions.

They are in the process of releasing a new version which looks AMAZING!! It still has a few bugs but the old version works great and once the new one leaves beta it will be a game changed - highly recommend.

Sticks & Doodles
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Datum úprav: 26. říjen 2023

I have changed my review as initially I had problems with setting up the app and I got frustrated (some problems were with their setup and others were user.... me). I had a whinge and I have to say their support is exceptional, especially Al Amin Khan who was so patient and sorted all the issues. I would recommend it.
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26. říjen 2023

Been using this app for a while, and used it with a previous store, the functionality is really good compared to other apps and is much easier to use and setup. Support has always been on hand to help and fix issues.
I have used other apps like tee in blue, while tee in blue does have more functionality in some ways, product personalizer still ranks higher in my opinion as it does what it says on the tin, it adds the functionality of personalization to the front end without a load of nonsense, and also the cost, most apps are charging huge fees and some also add a fee to each order which I think is steep.
So in my opinion, if you are looking for customization on the front end of your store, with good support, and at a very very reasonable cost, then this is the app for you

Custom Click
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31. říjen 2023

I have tested several personalization apps and I going back to Zepto. The new interface is much easier to understand and support is excellent!

Red Bird Gift Company
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13. listopad 2023

I would totally recommend this app! I’ve been using it for about a year and it’s easy to learn. If you have any issues their support is outstanding! Would highly recommend!

Artful Planner Co.
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6. listopad 2023

Overall I have had no glaring issues that have stopped me from using this app. So far everything seems to be working as it should and it integrates into the store very well. Their customer service is very good too so if there are issues they are there to help you solve them and find better ways to do things.

Lumilore Home
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10. srpen 2023

These guys are great. We've been using this app for years now and haven't had any problems. Its easy to set up and the UX is smooth and frictionless. Assistance is on hand should you need it and they help you quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend 5 *

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13. říjen 2023

Great App, great customer Support.
I can only recommend

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1. září 2023

Great app meeting all our requirements.
Support is very helpful, needed help and advice, they answered in few hours each time.

Les espaces MEMORIA
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28. srpen 2023

Really has been a great addition to our personlised crystal engraving shop. Very reasonably priced, realatively easier to instal and manage and the customer service is quick to come back to you after any queries. solid crystals

Solid Crystals | 3D Photo Crystal Shop | Laser engraved Glass Awards & Trophies
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