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24. květen 2024

Perfect to get the items in stock at the front of the collections, so they get the focus they deserve! And perfect that we can manage items that has not been restocked in a long period of time to be hidden, as we get some data on their lack of value for the customers. In this way, we can make better desicions with restocking.
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5. duben 2024

Did exactly what we needed: Pushing our out of stock products at the end of each collection. The good thing is, we can select what collections we want this feature to be active on. Highly recommend.

Oskar's Wooden Ark
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23. březen 2024

I was growing very frustrated with Shopify until I found this app which has helped me to sort my collections in a way that makes sense for my store. Now I can have the available pieces shown first, before all of the sold pieces. It's a game-changer!

austra jewelry
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12. duben 2024

Love this app! So easy to use and the app really cleaned up my store! No more out of stock items seen! Yay!!

Milk and Sand
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4. duben 2024

A definite Must-Have! Truly remarkable engineering in this app. Easy-to-use and efficient. And the support team is always on the ball. I would recommend this app to anyone!

AL Capone Premium
Jihoafrická republika
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24. únor 2024

I used out of stock police before and it has become on of my go to apps when doing stores. Having the opportunity to push my out of stock listings to the end of collections is a game changer for me and the look of my site.

Luxe Home Bliss
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30. březen 2024

Works like a charm :) had a few question but the support helped me sort it out within an hour

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21. červenec 2023

app works very well, support also is very good, alexis was very professional. thank you very much...

Mondo Cattolico
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18. červenec 2023

Perfect for our services. Saves us time and helps clean up our extensive marketplace for our consumers to navigate easier.

Bone-In Food
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8. červen 2022

This app has been great for Midlife Classic Cars. We have a lot of products that come in and out of stock, and this app does a great job of making my in-stock products show up at the top of my site.
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