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21. červen 2024

its one of the best application that any professional website owner must have.
if you want to get a unique outputs in terms of Designs and homepage sections you need to be here
not forgetting their welcoming support that take care for all details.
Big 5 Stars for this App

Vape Here Store
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27. červen 2024

Love this app and all of the long list of features! It even includes several free versions and Rio quickly helped us customize a section to best fit our website. Truly appreciate the great customer service and how easy the app is to use!

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2. červen 2024

I had some issues with the blocks on our website not working correctly and reached out for support. The response was quick and incredibly helpful. Rio, the founder of Puco, was not only prompt in assisting me but also very thorough in explaining the steps needed to resolve the issue. He even provided a detailed tutorial link that made the process much easier.

Our website developers had added some content incorrectly, which we couldn’t edit. Rio explained that the FAQs block currently supports only one content for all product pages. He guided me to the "Section list" and "FAQs Block" for editing. His assistance was clear, and he patiently waited for me to check if the solution worked.

Despite the block not supporting different content for each page, Rio’s support was invaluable. His dedication and personal touch made the experience even more meaningful. I was more than happy to leave a 5-star review for his app, understanding how much it meant to him and his business.

Overall, Rio's support was outstanding, and I highly recommend Puco for their excellent service and genuine care for their customers. Thank you, Rio, for your time, support, and the best wishes for our family business!

Florentine Gold
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18. červen 2024

Totally recommend Puco because it helped us grow our store. Also the support from Puco is a 10/10 and we love to work with them. So many possibilities for such a great pricing.

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10. červenec 2024

This app has been such a great find for my store. I have a heavily customised version of the Canopy theme in my fresh produce store. The fact that it is a legacy version and can't be updated to unlock new theme features is quite limiting, but Puco Sections allows me to implement new and modern-looking sections straight into the customised theme. The app is very easy to use, the section library provides a great range of free and paid sections (many of the free ones are completely usable and very customisable) and the Customer Service from Rio and his team has been second to none. I highly recommend this awesome app!!

Butcher Baker Grocer
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11. duben 2024

I installed this App in searching of a beautiful section to show the collections, and I finally found it! It is really beautiful and has a gorgeous animation effect when you pass over it with the mouse, plus has many options for customize it!

I also asked to Rio if it had been possible to customize a video section as I'd like to add more text; and with kindness he accepted my request!

I am really happy and will surely look into Puco sections in case of need! Thank you!

Filippo Fanti Photography Art
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2. květen 2024

I must say, Puco Sections is a breath of fresh air. Yes they have a monthly Pro plan, but unlike so many other apps, they also offer a free plan where you can purchase the sections you need as you go. But they also give you a lot of really great free sections. I had a small rendering issue with one of the free sections and Rio, the maker of the App quickly made a solution specific to my store within 30 minutes of me notifying him of the issue. He was so kind and gracious. I would highly recommend this app and the service provided by! I wish more apps would follow their lead!

Zealous Christian Gear
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24. květen 2024

This app is very smart. Instead of installing a large app that may slow down your site, you have the option to just select the sections or blocks you want to use.

There's a large selection of sections to choose from to elevate the appearance of your theme, and I'm sure that the collection will continue to grow.

The support from Rio has been absolutely fantastic. He's obviously very passionate about the app, which is fantastic to see.

Definitely worth the money. A+

Doba používání aplikace: 3 dny
2. květen 2024

This app has very well-built sections and components, and most of all, it has incredible support. I have never received such amazing support for any 3rd-party app/plugin (not just a Shopify one) ever. I highly recommend that you try out this app and use it to enhance your website!

The party people catering co.
Doba používání aplikace: 4 dny
Datum úprav: 19. duben 2024

Superb app: seamless integration, intuitive, great functionality. We used a free section this time, but our initial experience was so good, this will be our 'go-to' for any additional sections our theme doesn't have.

Thank you to the Developer(s) for an outstanding app.

Update: We've now used several of the Puco Sections and Blocks, each one of which is as good as the first. Moreover, when we needed to modify the sections to align with our theme, the wonderful Rio swiftly and very patiently made all the required modifications for us, without a word of complaint, even when we gave him some erroneous information that meant he had to redo some of this work.

We genuinely cannot recommend Rio or the Puco Sections app highly enough, and wouldn't go anywhere else. Outstanding, thank you so much Rio.

The Anxiety Clinic
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