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31. červenec 2022

I used this app for many years and was a happy customer. But recently they did a "upgrade" and it no longer performs properly. Tech support is very limited - difficult to get anyone on the phone, and when you do they are inexperienced and have to escalate to the next level. Still waiting for an answer. So in the meantime I am looking for alternatives. If you have products from multiple vendors and need them to go to specific line items instead of ALL into ONE line item, DO NOT USE THIS APP.

Mannequin Madness
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29. říjen 2019

Issue after issue with syncing to QBO, If i can't get this resolved this week i will choose another app... Seriously Bold, you are charging me for this App but you never want to help!

Pool Store Canada
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17. listopad 2017

A smart app, but unfortunately one that maps the SKU name in Shopify to the Name in Quickbooks, meaning that if your Name= Name, and SKU= SKU, it imports every item as a service and takes copious amounts of my time to adjust every invoice manually.

I'm going to start manual imports and will revisit this app if this problem is fixed.

Munchkin Et Moi
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14. září 2020

This app used to work so well, but clearly, it seems that significant updates were made and all of a sudden, how transactions are transfered into Quickbook accounts as well as taxes management is rigid, poor and we're not able in any way to migrate data properly from Shopify to Quickbooks.

Simple question to Bold: if the machine ain't broken, why fix it?

You made us very frustrated, generating hours of manual adjustments in Quickbooks. The only thing we're now happy about is to look to other apps, better adapted than the poor updates and development you've been investing into.


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Datum úprav: 11. prosinec 2021

I have tried to use this app for about 2 years and we have had nothing but issues with our Shopify orders importing to Quickbooks Online. If a discount is applied to an order, it will not import correctly. It does not import sales tax correctly, so we have to go through each order manually and make adjustments. Each time a customer places an order, a new customer is created in Quickbooks instead of adding to existing customer. I tried numerous times to get support, but I was notified there were no solutions. I do not recommend using this app. You will have more of a headache than manually exporting your orders.

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Datum úprav: 11. březen 2019

The app does not correctly import orders every time. It changes the product name for several of my products in Quickbooks after import. It duplicates buyer names and does not import email addresses. It also does not import "bundles." Correcting these issues takes as much time as just manually importing orders. I have contacted customer support and they were not able to fix the import errors.

Plumtree Baby
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29. leden 2019

Quickbooks had been working well for me when... something got glitchy and the downloads are a mess. Support is not helping, I've given them a week and the mess keeps getting bigger. No solution. I'm looking at other integration apps now.

Fat Stone Farm
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16. srpen 2018

This app is not reliable. There are quite often errors in the automatic Shopify data import functionality and you have to keep an eye on the app. If an automatic import fails, it's not said that the manual one will work despite trying dozens of times. Sometimes it does after several tries. A really good app when it works, but I'll have to look for alternatives because of lack of reliability.

Discmania Dealers
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9. únor 2019

Issues with sales tax and refunds not syncing correctly, they've been working on this issue for several weeks and say it's on the list. Refunds are hit or miss downloading to QBO, Sales tax sometimes changes to a random number so it's hard to match deposits to invoices. This has a huge impact on bookkeeping and should be an urgent issue.

Running Threads, LLC
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2. únor 2019

We downloaded this app based on the reviews and the list of functions for syncing with Quickbooks. Based on the number of our transactions, we were paying a higher price per month for this app. However, we soon learned that any orders with sales tax would not sync with Quickbooks using this app. When we contacted Bold, they explained there was no work around on this issue. No where in the description of this app was this mentioned. If you use Shopify as POS, then you will have a lot of orders to manually enter because of this issue. So the price didn't make any sense as we would be doing most of the work. We are switching to a different app that does sync all orders with Quickbooks.

Honeycomb Kitchen Shop
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