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5. únor 2021

It's Perfect for my e-shop. Thanks again for reactivity and request for modification.
That's great for my business :) I will be able to make full use of this system for my clients and that is very good news. Thanks you

Z5 Store
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4. říjen 2020

A truly simple yet amazing app. It's great for anyone looking to offer incentives to their customers through raffles/lucky draws. It was a perfect fit for our needs except for 1 small gap. That gap too was addressed by the developers within days!. Excellent customer service!

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10. leden 2021

Great app, simple & effective and easy to setup.
However, it has no option for offer a product or physical item as the prize which is more what I’m looking for as an alternative to discounts. Would be the best app if developers could add this option as I haven’t seen any other app available that’s as simple and straightforward to setup and manage.

Little Tickle
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Vývojář JAS Technology odpověděl 10. leden 2021

Thanks for the review! If the item is available in your store a raffle can be set up with a product specific discount code as the winner’s reward. Always feel free to reach out with any questions.

6. leden 2023

Be really careful to read about the subscription plans and uninstall the app if you are not using it. They will be happy to charge you the monthly fee even if you don't use the app.

Scan My Shirt
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Vývojář JAS Technology odpověděl 6. leden 2023

Hi. I'm sorry this caused frustration. Raffle follows a very common pattern with Shopify Apps of a monthly charge after a free trial period. The app can be uninstalled at any time and of course can be re-installed at any time for future use.

31. prosinec 2022

I just installed it , but want to ask if there is any video demo ?
And is the client getting raffle ticket automatically?
Can we make it as product it self ? So the client can buy raffles tickits ?

Bingoo !
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Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
Vývojář JAS Technology odpověděl 4. leden 2023

Thank you for your review and for reaching out with this question. I currently do not have a demo video. And yes, participants who purchase on your store are automatically entered into subsequent raffle drawings. You are able to configure a raffle to only honor purchases of a single product to trigger an entry into the next drawing. Happy new year!

6. říjen 2020

This app was buggy for me. It wouldn't load and I couldn't even save my first raffle. I tried refreshing and logging out/in to no avail.

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Vývojář JAS Technology odpověděl 6. říjen 2020

I apologize for the issue you had here. I am always available via "" to investigate a problem and determine its cause and/or any change I can make.

18. prosinec 2019

Great way to increase engagement and get more shoppers! It helps encourage customers to shop more frequently as well.

Project Repat T Shirt Quilts
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23. prosinec 2019

Very easy app to begin using. With out strategy, it is a great way to surprise recent customers and create life-long customers out of them!

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