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23. květen 2023

Wow, I am actually blown away by how much more intuitive React Flow is compared to other automation apps. The team is very responsive and was able to help me create a custom flow for taking in REPAIRS which I noticed no other Apps have tackled this issue. Very impressed and will continue to play around with it, but overall it requires very minimal technical knowledge which is also a huge advantage. Other apps have a steep learning curve and basically requires you to learn coding, but not React. React has the developers and you just need to click a few buttons and drag and drop. Amazing app, highly suggest!

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Doba používání aplikace: 6 dny
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 23. květen 2023

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with React Flow! Customer happiness and satisfaction is the greatest reward for us, and to achieve this goal we are ready to provide all possible assistance and work further to make the app more functional and easy to use. We appreciate your recommendation and hope that you continue to enjoy using the app.

Datum úprav: 13. listopad 2022

I love that this app can do so many things like tagging customers who spend a certain amount and sending emails for account activation. I tried to use zapier and klaviyo but they couldn't do it! This app has so many more shopify specific capabilities than using outside programs. Their customer support is also top notch! I'm really happy and can't wait to find more uses for it to free up my work flow! Thank you! Update: Customer support for this app is top notch. I set my automation up wrong and they fixed it very quickly for me! Great

Pottery Awesomeness
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Doba používání aplikace: 5 měsíci
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 3. říjen 2022

Wow! It's so nice! Many thanks for your thoughts :) We are happy to be at your service! Feel free to contact our team to get more!

React Flow Team

27. červenec 2023

Amazing!!! Everything I have been looking for. This app has allowed me to create wonderful workflows, that work amazingly. The setup was quite feasible and when I cam into a question I was one chat away. Their customer service team reply rapidly and with the solution. Highly Recommend!!!

E&M Western Couture
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 5 hodinami
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 28. červenec 2023

That's amazing to know it's so useful for you, thank you! We really appreciate your estimation of our product, and as usual, ready to assist with any question, at any time if you have so.

7. prosinec 2022

I've been using this app for around a week and so far, I like it. It has a lot of functionality built in, and has the capacity to create complex work flows.

Building your first flow may take a while as each flow offers a tonne of customization, but so far I'm impressed and I've begun using this app over another I was previously using.

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Doba používání aplikace: 8 dny
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 7. prosinec 2022

Oh, that's super to know. Thanks a lot for your thoughts, it's appreciable by us.

In case you need a new option within the app or just need help with flow adjustment - just let us know via the contact channel you prefer. We are available 24/7 for you!

React Flow Team

5. leden 2023

Happy customer
Having the proper automations active is a must. React Flow can do more automations than the basic Shopify supports, so for us its really necessary. When our configurations failed to work, then the support will help to fix it.

Doba používání aplikace: 2 měsíci
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 5. leden 2023

Thank you a lot for those words that are so pleasant for us to hear, after all our development efforts upon this application.

We're always ready to assist you as much as you need, and continue to provide the best service as we only can. Thanks once again for your warm feedback, and feel free to contact us back anytime in case of any related questions.

27. září 2023

Taras helped me find the exact flow I needed. The template was very easy to set up and I was able to go through it on my own. We use a few flows for our automations and they are so helpful!

Outdoor Rooms by Design
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Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 28. září 2023

Thank you so much for these words! Our entire team is very appreciated for your interest in our product, and we're always ready to assist with any question anytime.

8. prosinec 2022

One of the teams reps, Sergey was great at walking us through a very specific use-case scenario while we were deciding if this was the app for us. The entire team was very responsive, helpful and quick to offer new solutions (including adding custom conditions and variables that weren't yet built into the defaults).

I've worked with a lot of dev teams as a freelance web developer and I have to say: their service is outstanding!

Worthy Wands
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Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 8. prosinec 2022

Melanie, it was a pleasure talking to you today, and we highly appreciate that you found time to rate us. If you'll need any assistance with the required flows, feel free to contact us anytime!

1. březen 2023

So far, it's working great. I had a little trouble getting my first flow to work properly, but after a bit on tinkering, it seems to be working well.

Tech Instrumentation
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Doba používání aplikace: 10 měsíci
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 1. březen 2023

Our entire team is really happy when we see that the app is giving the real practical use, and there's no problem in using these automations. Thanks a lot for your review, feel free to contact us for any reason and at anytime!

28. květen 2023

This app has helped us in automating some otherwise very tedious manual tasks. We still need to perfect some details but their tech support has also been very helpful in trying to figure things out along side our team.

Love my Pharma
Doba používání aplikace: 4 dny
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 28. květen 2023

Wow, that's wonderful to know we could help that much with our product, thank you for your high estimation! Don't forget that you're always welcome to get our support with any app functionality at any time!

20. srpen 2023

Awesome app, fantastic visual drag and drop tool to create automation. Only loops are missing in the app. Hope will be added soon.

Deep Ocean Roastery
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 19 hodinami
Vývojář DevIT.Software odpověděl 21. srpen 2023

Thank you so much for your feedback.
We are working on improving the application and adding new functionality.