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6. kesäkuu 2024

We use REAL ID for 3 of our website properties. For two sites, we use the App to control the sale of regulated goods. For the third, we use it to reduce credit card fraud (e.g. for first-time customers whose billing & shipping does not match). For the regulated goods, the app is incredibly effective and has saved us a tremendous amount of time in employee-customer communication, record storage and so on. It has also eliminated a lot pushback from customers! We used to have trouble asking for ID's by email, but now we rarely if ever have customers question the legitimacy of the process. The App has lots of options and Support or Developer feedback is always fast and helpful. In short, I definitely recommend REAL ID to cut time and costs by dramatically reducing credit card fraud or to easily perform legal requirements having to do with regulated goods. As I say, we are now 3 websites strong with it. Thanks REAL ID team!
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18. kesäkuu 2024

These guys really do go above and beyond to get the best for their customers. They’ve customised fields and rules as we needed to safely run our business and wow…very very good

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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29. huhtikuu 2024

It just works.
Works great.
Also... they even implemented custom feature for us within very short perion.

Probably best tech support i ever seen! Ty RealID!

Nomad Internet
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12. toukokuu 2024

We have tried several apps for verifying users in our store and we are confident we chose the right one when going for Real ID. The verification process is really smooth for the users and integrates perfectly with Shopify.
More importantly, the Customer Service team is fast and effective in clearing out any doubt we have had and helping us with the set up.
I would recommend it 100%

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8. toukokuu 2024

Such an amazing app to help with Fraud. I use this when I have a High/Medium Risk of fraud to verify my customers. I 100% recommend it, and the customer service from Dylan has been so great from the start.

I wish there was a better option for smaller businesses like mine, like a pay as you go option per check or something similar. Maybe in the future! :)

Fire & Ice Moissanite
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21. maaliskuu 2024

The app does exactly what it claims and our customers are able to easily verify themselves.

And there is Excellent fast and effective support

Jens Hansen
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20. toukokuu 2024

Real ID is just perfect! This app functions flawlessly and has significantly enhanced the security of all my transactions. It has greatly reduced disputes and ensured the identity of my customers. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to add an extra layer of security to their business.

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27. maaliskuu 2024

Real ID has really streamlined our old manual process of verifying customer ID's on potential fraud alerts on orders for our Multiple Shopify E-Commerce Stores. It has greatly reduced staffing demands and handle times for our E-Commerce team and has greatly improved our customers satisfaction with the ID verification process.

The installation and integration was seamless and simple and launching was a walk in the park with the partnership and support of Dylan Pierce and the rest of the Real ID team.

I highly recommend the Real ID app and Dylan Pierce and his team of professionals.

Kevin McCollum
United RV Center
E-Commerce Manager

United RV Parts
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11. joulukuu 2020

I needed an app to help with stopping potential fraudulent buyers. This app has helped me feel confident in some questionable customers. I took a chance early on by opting in to this brand new service. It seemed to work fine but I did run into a couple of errors early on. Fortunately the creator reached out immediately after I had emailed asking for assistance and fixed the problem. Dylan has been great to work with, always responding within a reasonable time frame if not immediately and also has customized the app to better help with my business needs. Highly recommend not only the app, but in Dylan aswell.

Yuhzie Boosts
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28. joulukuu 2020

I just installed this app., so happy to have it. I already used it as soon as I installed it. Waiting to see what happens. But, I am grateful to have it. I will be back with updates down the road.

Shop On In
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Verdict vastasi 28. joulukuu 2020

Thank you for the review and I'm so glad you're finding value in verifying your customer's IDs on higher risk orders.

The goal of this app is to allow you to ship orders confidently because you know the billing information on the customer's credit card matches their ID. This will eliminate chargebacks for you and allow you to fulfill more orders and keep a more revenue.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, you can email me at or chat with me in the app directly. Thank you!