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21 aprile 2020

Love this tool. It's incredibly valuable and it's impressive how quick they are at improving it also whenever we give a feedback about something that would make our life even easier. Well-deserved 5 stars!

Owls & Turtles
10 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
26 aprile 2018

Reamaze just made my day. I had a suggestion of setting some advance controls in roles and permissions such as restricted access to customer data for specific role, so the customer tab could be hidden, they were quick to respond, also implement this within 2 hrs as they felt this will benefit all other users.

Now our customer data is hidden for a specific role within Reamaze support platform. Yay! Improved security and advance privacy controls. Thank you Reamaze. I would definitely recommend Reamaze.

Last but not the lease, I could say, if you are on Shopify and if you don't have Reamaze to support your customer, then you are missing the awesomeness Reamaze has to offer.

Wishfactory Co
9 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
29 giugno 2020

Amazing software that can automate away many tasks very easily due to their in depth link with Shopify & simple Bot / Workflow builder. We suspect the bot/workflow builder will save us a great deal of time as it can reply to customers without loosing that personal touch as it can link in real Shopify customer / order data. There is no longer any need for our customer service staff to look in Shopify for order details/to action refund/returns/create orders/etc. as it can all be done from Re:amaze, which will save a great deal of time.

Their support has been amazing. We've requested some extra features with there Shopify integration and it was implemented/researched within 24 hours... can't get any better than that!

We've tried many help desks, none are a patch on Re:amaze and it is at a good price point.

Very happy customer

Crook and Staple
Regno Unito
7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
3 agosto 2022

They will keep contacting via email well after you deleted their app. Their emails also don't have any unsubscribe links either. I emailed them to be unsubscribed, they said I was. Few days later I get an email again. Be warned.

Stati Uniti
4 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Reamaze ha risposto 3 agosto 2022

Hello! Thank you for the candid feedback. The emails we send during the trial period is designed to provide guidance on next steps. We will improve this process as soon as possible and offer a better experience for unsubscribing from these messages. We hope you will try Re:amaze again in the near future.

Data modifica: 24 agosto 2018

This is a great platform with an awesome team who listen to feedback and make their product better every time. I have been doing customer support for many years and have used a number of help desks and I highly recommend this platform, it is one of the best I have used. We use it on our website and its been great. You can get unlimited email inboxes and also can manage multiple brands and multiple channels such as email, social, live chat and more. It syncs with Shopify and you can see customer purchase history and open orders and even a live view of website visitors. Pricing is great as well. 5 stars from me! Highly recommended. James at Pivot Pegz

Pivot Pegz
Stati Uniti
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
16 novembre 2020

The app has been amazing so far. Very easy to keep communication lines with customers. Highly recommended for small businesses.

American Offshore
Stati Uniti
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
24 novembre 2021

Kathy is VERY friendly and very proactive in resolving our concerns. :)
She is always making sure that all issues are addressed.

Beloved Shirts
Stati Uniti
2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
24 giugno 2021

This app is really impressive. I've only been using for a couple of days but their help desk is super fast and helpful. I've just watched all the demo videos and honestly am blown away by what it can do. And the price is really good too. It's already working really well and I haven't even started with the FAQ features yet.

Kellective by Nikki
2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
16 novembre 2017

Great app , Great Support game changer thank you

Stati Uniti
Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
28 febbraio 2020

I just made the switch from Zendesk to Re:Amaze. It's been about 2 weeks, and so far, so good! Their support is great (fast to respond) and the features this app/service provides are plenty for what I'm doing. The whole interface is pretty noob-proof too, so if you're not a very tech-savvy person, this app will be a great solution for you. Highly recommend!

Stephen's World