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15 Kasım 2023

We are on the free plan but pay the $3 for "Priority support and unlimited email". This was after our 14-day trial. Sometime around early November, the app no longer displays subscription discounts on the cart or at checkout. Support, while responsive, says: "Let me connect with my team and provide you with an update." This was 6 days ago.

Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
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Casa: Google Feed & Subscription App yanıt 17 Kasım 2023

I understand that you're having problems with the discount. There was a message from Shopify about the discounts needing to be fixed for your store. Not because of our app, and I requested times to give us time till Monday due to the festive season.

I also contacted you on your live chat of the store, requesting the same. I would appreciate it if you let us look at what's been causing the problem with your store; waiting to hear from you.

I've messaged you again to let me have a look.
Update: I see that you've moved to another app, and you're still facing the same discount problem because it's NOT AN APP'S problem, as I told you earlier. It's concerning your store needing an option to set up discounts properly.
I still request you to let me look and see what's happening. I've been trying to contact you but have had no luck.

17 Kasım 2023 tarihinde düzenlendi

I am looking to replace Recharge and installed Casa Subscriptions. I was not able to get it to work and was not impressed by support - my issue was reported to development - but not fixed within timeframes promised. Nor did they communicate with me to let me know that they had an issue.
Regardless of how good this app is - support is critical in the selection of any app.
Note that I have moved to Seal Subscriptions and am live on this app.

Fabric Garden Australia
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Casa: Google Feed & Subscription App yanıt 17 Kasım 2023

When a customer came, we needed proper payment information. So, we built a complete system to manually migrate by creating contracts.
We should have informed you that we're working in the background, but I have been trying to contact you since that day.
I request you to re consider and make this right, and you'll have the migration done in a couple of hours, let alone days. We have migrated several customers from REcharge without any problem at all.