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27 mei 2020

I threw this on my site to see how well it would work. Instantly, my site was much slower and pictures wouldn't load near as fast. They also pay for reviews, which I'm not a fan of. Oh well, wish it was better. Not for me. Try it for yourself.

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CartKit heeft geantwoord 27 mei 2020

Hi! We do not pay for reviews. We make it clear that it's completely optional and the functionality of the app does not depend on whether a review is made or not.

We've reached out via email to get more details of your experience :)

11 september 2019

Boring and useless application. It does not explain what should I do!! It will be good if it had a introduction page

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16 februari 2021

Not sure how this works, but for me I need to be able to specify IPs to ignore and also I only want recordings coming from Facebook US and that's it, there is no way to set up a campaign tracking... This is so freaking dumb of the creators of this whatever.... Not sure about page speed, didn't feel like testing it after finding out about these stupid limits.

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Bewerkt 17 februari 2023

app says Free plan available. but once you install it you won't have any option to use free plan. You just got a bug popup saying approve the app charge. Fraud App

Edit - Your policy is to essentially accept a 7-day free trail & approve app fees is not ok. I've recently been charged by another app with a similar policy. I downgraded the plan to the free trail the same day but still got charged for the monthly app fee on my Shopify monthly bill. Even though I got my money back after mailing the developer and Shopify support, I still had to pay the tax from the monthly bill that I paid. (The developer refunded the entire app subscription fee but I had to pay 18% tax on that app subscription fee.)

Updated on 17/02 -
This is unethical. I can see that other people have also been falsely charged by this app. I urge everyone not to use this app, as it will charge you for nothing. It is important to be aware of this and to avoid using this app.

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CartKit heeft geantwoord 12 februari 2023

Update 02/17 - Thanks for your reply. While we can certainly understand your frustration, it is fairly common to subscribe to a free trial for a Shopify app. While we can't speak to other apps you've used, all reported instances of incorrect billing on Better Replay simply involve customers being unaware of when their free trial period ended. In each reported instance, we've reached out to the customer to clarify. Regarding the refund you received on another app, if the refund was issued via Shopify you should have received a full refund including all taxes and fees. Hope that helps clarify - let us know how else we can make this right!

Update: We've reached out to this client several times to explain how the 7 day free trial works but have not heard back.

Hi there. It's a popup to accept the 7 Free Trial. Once you accept the 7 day free trial, you can always downgrade to the Free Plan. Here's a screenshot of the page you are referring to: