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30. říjen 2023

Great app, great price. Responsive customer support. Every once in a while, the site takes a while to load because of heavy traffic, but this is not a serious enough issue to remove a star.

Acme/Flexsteel Industries
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27. říjen 2023

Sree was a great big help on my report needs. Support was fast and on point. Thank you.

Kosas Cosmetics
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19. říjen 2023

Very useful product. I needed a report and could not figure out how to do it. I went to chat box and Mahesh took over and took time to create the perfect report for me. 10 out of 10

Lichen or Knot Plant Company LLC
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29. srpen 2023

5 Star support when I needed to run a report using a custom field. They helped find a solution and got my new report up and running in minutes. Good work!

Art Print Shop
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27. září 2023

Any report I could think of was given! Incredible live support as well

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6. říjen 2023

Update to review at the bottom of page.
The problem with the terrible load speeds seems to be due to recent chrome and safari updates. As java script is being slowly phased out this will start to effect systems like ReportPundit. The load speeds are fine in Firefox.
I really like RP and the help I've received from tech support to setup the reports how I need them, but why not just be really honest about this issue, you know it's a problem, just put it out there so I don't have to waste months getting to the bottom of the issue before someone at tech finally admits to the issue. If RP isn't compatible with major browsers because of conflict with java script, just let everyone know that they should try other browsers.

Original review:
I was really reluctant to write this negative review, but the developers have left me no choice, as I think it's important for people to know what they're signing up for before they invest countless hours learning a system that potentially has one major flaw.
I'm getting load speeds of 30 seconds, that's astronomically high, especially when you have hundreds of categories. The support team have been responsive but not in a good way. They have attempted to update my reports and told me it's all fixed, but nothing has changed, definitely no load speed increase and now they're constantly asking me to join zoom meetings so they can tell me what? That I'm not pressing the "load" button correctly and they'll show me over zoom how to press the button in a way that loads the reports faster?? As far as I'm concerned, either the reports load quickly, end of issue, or the reports load slow and their system needs a serious upgrade. I've asked them for an explanation and their only response is "join us on a zoom meeting"

Luna Wedding & Event Supplies
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18. říjen 2023

Great App! The team is amazing at creating custom reports! There isn't a lot of access for supply chain and fulfillment data and this app helps you get the information you need to make decisions! The customer service is outstanding!

Mane by Mane Addicts
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22. září 2023

We recently had the pleasure of using the Report Pundit app on Shopify, and it's been nothing short of amazing. The app is incredibly structured, detailed, and offers everything one could need to generate comprehensive reports.

I especially want to give a shout-out to Vamsi who provided exemplary customer service. He was extremely responsive, patient, and went above and beyond to assist me. His dedication to ensuring that I had a smooth experience truly enhanced the overall value of this app.

For anyone considering a reporting solution on Shopify, I wholeheartedly recommend Report Pundit. You won't be disappointed!

STIIIZY Hemp Wholesale
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25. říjen 2023

The app its really helpful when you need to look for details in orders and quantity stock. A little bit slow but with patient works. Help Support is nice and efective, always looking for a solution.

Eva Store
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15. srpen 2023

I cannot recommend this app and their support high enough. If you use variants and need the ability to see products ordered very quickly without having to do any manual manipulation, then you need this! Sree created two custom reports for me that LITERALLY saved my team 10+ working hours each week! Absolutely amazing.

Dapper Designs
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