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13. červen 2024

They are so very helpful, every time. Help make me Customized Reports. Thank goodness, since we all know Shopify is lacking in that! This is a must have if you have Shopify! Manuwel was very helpful. Made a custom report for what I needed in just a couple minutes. Would have taken me forever.

Lori’s Kitchen Store
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6. červen 2024

Not only does this give you every conceivable report but the support is incredible. 2 minutes on the chat and they literally create the report you need or find the field you can't. they can even create fields that don;t exist. superb!

Mustard Made Australia
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12. červen 2024

Great reporting app to capture data that Shopify sometimes can't or won't. Also, amazing support team that is quick to answer and solve your issues.

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15. květen 2024

I highly recommend Report Pundit on Shopify for your reporting and data analysis needs. This tool offers a wide range of pre-designed reports, but its true strength lies in its ability to customize and create reports tailored to your specific needs. Users particularly appreciate the intuitive interface that allows for on-the-fly report generation and scheduling exports in various formats, including Big Query.

In addition to its robust features, the customer service at Report Pundit is exceptional. It is frequently praised for its responsiveness and efficiency, helping users to quickly resolve issues and optimize the use of the application. Whether you need help with initial setup or more complex adjustments, the team is always ready to assist.

Overall, Report Pundit stands out not only for its advanced technical capabilities but also for a customer support team that greatly contributes to a positive user experience.

Once Again
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28. květen 2024

Amazing app for data analysis. Can't imagine our finance and management operations without this app left with the only Shopify devices.

Support is 24/7 and super helpful.

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12. červen 2024

good app, excellent support team. very responsive and efficient

Queensferry Sports
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20. květen 2024

This app has been a game changer for my business! We operate classes and are able to pull our attendee rosters in seconds. We're also able to customize it to pull data from the app we also use so folks can gift our classes. Such a time saver (this used to take us hours and hours every week), and they're responsive, too! I would highly recommend this app.

Rochester Brainery
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7. červen 2024

A super supportive service team, which is happy to help you with any sort of questions or issues you don't know how to solve. In Report Bundit, you can create all the different kinds of reports you need.

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13. květen 2024

I strongly recommend this application. Our vendor provided very poor support for the reporting, this app is a life saver, I almost talk to the support team every day to develop accounting reports to record sales, pay taxes, manage inventory and complete bank reconciliations for cash and credit card payments. The support team is very helpful and provide timely and useful solutions. Very positive user experience and job well done!

History Colorado Center
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14. květen 2024

This app is invaluable. It's not all that cheap depending on your plan, but it is so helpful to create custom reports that matter to me and save them. I have Profit reports that are generated by order, day and month. I have inventory reports where I can get a history of how quickly certain products are moving so we can order enough and stay in stock...and so many other awesome reports. Anytime I want to know something about my store, I come to this app. And if you aren't great at making your own custom reports, they will build it for you, just open a chat. They are fast and always helpful!

In The Bag Cornhole
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