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22. únor 2020

its really good app for reporting. its been great exprince. they provide customization report facility. their support its greater than expected. you ping them within 5 mint they are there for u.

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20. únor 2020

Was looking for a reporting app that would automate most of the reports required by our management and this one seems to fit the bill. The feature to do scheduled exports to Google Drive is a lifesaver. Support was really good as well.

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19. únor 2020

The functionality and the ability to adapt/tailor the reports to suit sales, procurement and warehouse departments is very good indeed. I found the support very far to reply and quick to resolve problems, even creating reports for me - excellent

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11. únor 2020

Best app for getting accurate reports from multiple stores at the same time! Support has been super helpful with creating reports and getting to know the system
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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Datum úprav: 11. únor 2020

If you are looking for an app to get your reports look no further. Its THE best app out there with the best possible support. John from support team helped me combine reports of 2 stores into one and create report I so much needed!
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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11. únor 2020

This is a great app that has exactly what I needed to offer.
It has great reporting for my thousands of products and has a great feature for me to send my creditors scheduled sales reports.

The customer service is very good where I got all the help I needed!

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7. únor 2020

I tried to create some custom report for packing and accounting purposes. This apps fits my needs perfectly. All the field and rows are very customisable. I also work with their customer services, which help a lot on working my custom report. They deliver fast and profession advice and help. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

My Crest Whitestrips
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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5. únor 2020

Report Pundit is an awesome app that allows you to dig deeper into the analytics of your store. Very easy to set up and intuitive to navigate. Customer service is second to none! Thank you Report Pundit and Reuben for your help!

Warmblood Tack Store
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4. únor 2020

Really good App, it gives every bit of data you are looking for in an easy format. The support is really responsive and helpful. I had a guy called Reuben help me out and he went above and beyond, I can't thank him enough!

Fitness Factory
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3. únor 2020

I really liked the application.
Very good support, I highly recommend it.
It helped me a lot to filter sales coming from several "utm´s"

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