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19. říjen 2020

Love this app. Needed a report that would break the sales tax out by county, customer service made me the exact report I need. I would definitely recommend this app for all you reporting needs.

CR Fitness Apparel
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Doba používání aplikace: 33 minutami
26. září 2022

Amazing and quick customer service. VERY responsive. I needed help with a custom report and it was created within 30 min

The Breadery
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Doba používání aplikace: 26 minutami
15. březen 2022

Super fast customer service. Helped with with a tax report I couldn't get in Shopify. I love this app

Birdawg Boutique
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Doba používání aplikace: 25 minutami
14. prosinec 2021

I just downloaded this app - and within 1 second of getting on, I immediately had someone contact me from customer service. I asked for 2 different reports and the customer service rep was able to provide them to me in less than 1 minute! I am amazed!!!! I love Report Pundit!

Light Unfolding Designs
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21. říjen 2021

Best Payout report! They customize reports for FREE and quickly. Don't look elsewhere! This app and customer service is all you need.

General Jim's Toys & Bricks
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Doba používání aplikace: 23 minutami
28. prosinec 2020

shopify reporting made easy thanks to this app & the extremely helpful customer service team! highly recommended for any shopify plan

Maroon & Co
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Doba používání aplikace: 23 minutami
7. duben 2022

This app is so helpful in creating the reports we need each month. The customer service is exceptional!! Can't recommend this enough.
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Doba používání aplikace: 20 minutami
14. říjen 2021

Extremely helpful app!!!! Very useful in generating the necessary information for sales tax reports which are not possible to generate through regular shopify reporting

Dogwood Dog Company
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Doba používání aplikace: 19 minutami
Datum úprav: 3. prosinec 2019

I've been waiting for this app for YEARS!  It did take me a couple of days... Okay, a couple of weeks of my regular, hard-headed, "there's no way" attitude to realize the potential power behind this app and the future of the app.  I'm just accustomed to apps that are just a shadow of the description.  The app has lots of pre-built reports that I have not had time to get too far into, however, my attention is more on my problems and what kind of report solves or manages those or gives a piece o my life back.
I have this one MONSTER report I work on monthly that pulls from all over the web, to get valid, comparable data into discussion format to make change/continue choices on marketing expenses and forums.  It's the LIFELINE of your business... particularly online business.   This report is a nightmare that takes HOURS AND HOURS to compile.  I've been searching for YEARS to take this monthly albatross from my neck and FINALLY, with this app, it looks as though I can!  The guys at Pumdit are attempting to build this report out for me!  That seems to be their thing.  If they don't have a report you need, but the information lives accessible on the web, they will build it for you  That's where I see the real value in this app.  After enough people with enough real-world problems, ask for custom reports, with a good, detailed description of the report function, this is going to be a GOLD MINE of an app because you know we ALL have the same problems in business!

UnEarthed® Luxury Candles, by Candleberry
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4. květen 2023

The support team for this app is the best we've ever encountered. Hands down. Having some fairly intricate reporting needs, this app can not only do the heavy lifting, it can truly be fine tuned to fit your needs.

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