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25. květen 2023

Excellent customer service. They are always willing to help. We use this app to extract data from Shopify for financial reporting.

Sparx EU
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 7 měsíci
25. květen 2023

Setup was very simple
the evaluations are great
Individual evaluations are very easy to understand
Support responds very quickly and helps immediately

I am enthusiastic

OFFSET Nutrition
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 9 dny
24. květen 2023

great app, and great support, they are always online to help, we use this app to export data sales mainly, but also for other statistics.

Mondo Cattolico
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 21 dny
22. květen 2023

Same owner as Data Export App and same problems. Incorrect data many times. They do 'fix' the problem, but it is hard to have faith in data that has been 'fixed'.

Mobility Plus
Nový Zéland
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 12 dny
22. květen 2023

Getting buggy behavior with trying to save custom columns, but otherwise fulfills all my needs. Great application.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 3 dny
19. květen 2023

este es un excelente sistema de reportería, y el soporte es inmediato y muy bueno también, los mensajes se traducen al idioma local en tiempo real

Travel Shop
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi 22 hodinami
19. květen 2023

Really powerful app, especially with the support offered with creating custom reports, managed to get third party apps pulling data into report pundit & sending an automated report out each week. very happy with the results

Spa Supplies
Nový Zéland
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 29 dny
19. květen 2023

Finally an app that offers reports that can be easily adapted to my particular needs. Dealing with technology is not my particular talent, so I appreciate being able to access a live tech support person anytime I need assistance. Especially if the business end of business is your challenge I recommend Report Pundit. Well worth the small price.

Granny Magick Margaret Jamison
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi měsícem
18. květen 2023

Excellent app and support. Highly recommend you try them out. Manuwel was very helpful in helping us setup our first custom report for a Shopify Plus client.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi 4 hodinami
16. květen 2023

I love this app. I've used it for several years in a few different stores. I use the shared link and scheduling functionality to report to partners. The support team is amazing. They are responsive and generous with their help. They will jump into my reports if needed to make sure they are working and setup correctly and add a formula or extra column to make sure I have what I need. Thank you to the team at Report Pundit!

Joma Films
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 21 dny