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Datum úprav: 22. duben 2024

This app has potential and can be really useful, but the customer support is really incompetent, the worst. You spend hours explaining simple tasks, they never understand and they don't even follow or double check your request.
This customer support experience has been the most frustrating and awful experience I have ever had.
For example I asked: simply concatenate Address 1 with Address 2 inside a column cell and don't move any column
Result: they moved all the columns, they ALWAYS MOVE ALL THE COLUMNS
So I asked them to remake it, it tooks 2 hours to simply show Address 1 and Address 2 in the same cell and 2 hours of messaging in order to explain them, multiple and multiple times, the same simple task.
And I have to count all the hours I have spent in the last months, every time an experience like this.

Ghidini 1849
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4. srpen 2021

Support is non-existent.. a full week has gone by with multiple emails being ignored. UTM reports were loaded with duplicates and they were unable to help me figure out a solution.

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Vývojář Estore Automate odpověděl 11. srpen 2021

Hello, There are 2 types of UTM reports - detailed and summary. The detailed report includes the order number which will show UTM parameters for each order and they are not duplicates.

According to our email logs, we had one chat conversation with you. We also sent 3 follow-up emails on July 20, 23, and 28.

Thank you.

8. prosinec 2022

Wanted to like it - but nothing worked. Reports didn't return correct data. I'm glad it works for the other reviewers, but it didn't work at all for me.

Julio Designs Wholesale
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Vývojář Estore Automate odpověděl 24. prosinec 2022

Hello Sir/Madam,

Recently, the endpoint for the "Order Count" & "Total Spent" fields was moved from the Order to Customer endpoint in Shopify API. Our technical team has fixed the issue.

Thousands of Merchants trust our app for its accuracy and flexibility while being cost-effective. We apologize for the issue and hope you give us another try.

Thank you!