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17 Ocak 2020 tarihinde düzenlendi

I use it to resize my pictures
perfect and good customer service to help me
Do not hesitate, and it's only 5$ per month :D

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9 Mart 2021

bad experience they advertise one time payment 15gb per 2 gb i notice they took 15 $ every month the app didnt do the job in 2 month i still have problems with the photos which are bigger

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pushdaddy.com yanıt 9 Mart 2021

billing is handled by shopify so there is no way we can do billing ourself. apart from that i helped 30 minutes to u through chat and offered refund. then also 1 star. no problem it happens. apart from that app will not do itself. you need to activate automatic feature. thanks for using our app

24 Şubat 2023

This is the worries app It didn't restore all my photos and I tried to contact help got Ravi Tiwari and was no help to me what so ever I told her the app was not working and if I could get some help she then said you can chat with Shopify Support I did and they told me what I already knew now I may have to pay someone to come in and restore the photos that didn't restore on their own and may I add you have to restore all of them Manually yourself. if I could give 0 stars I would.

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pushdaddy.com yanıt 24 Şubat 2023

in app, we automatically dont start resizing. you can check these things manually and when you are happy then only you enable auto resize. apart from that, shopify has backup and in one click u can restore to old state. we advised because same thing we advised in past to several stores and its one click restore. so i dont know the issue

29 Ocak 2020

its Great App to resizing or optimized images issues for the website. Just One Click or You will get the results or really thanks to the team for Quik Reply

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18 Ekim 2022

Not sure if the phone or email support is available. But hoping to find out. I have sent in a request...

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