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23 mei 2023

Easily the most user & budget friendly return app we have used. Their customer support is A+! Highly recommend.

App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 2 jaar
19 mei 2023

Really powerful return management app, lot's of options for returns and exchange. And very responsive support team :)

Plámenna Fashion Boutique®
App gebruikt gedurende 5 maanden
16 mei 2023

ReturnGo is such a Great app. Plus their support team is super responsive! Definitely recomment this app!

Mia Mod
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
15 mei 2023

Top review for them! The onboarding with the team was quite more than amazing and their support after settings is very quick and efficient. We were looking for the best way to create an automatic and cool return and exchange process for the customer and our employees. Til now, it seems we found it. All the team is very willing to help and answer your requests asap. We are still working together on improving the system for both sides. Highly recommend them!

App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
11 mei 2023

ReturnGo is a specialized tool with very innovative and smart solutions. The system can draw orders numbers from multiple shopify stores in one front end. The whole flow can also be implemented on your website as an embedded solution, so it really feels like a native tool. Also defects can be handled within the tool. Junessa (our star) and Eyal (CEO) have been extremely helpful and kind. They've put a lot of effort into setting everything up and even they even implemented some custom development. Patta got love for ReturnGo.

App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
9 mei 2023

ReturnGo is a boutique return tool with a very personal approach. The feature sets are rich and very smart. We were specifically drawn to the tool because it can handle multiple shopify stores in one single return portal. Also the fact that the portal can be embedded and has features like defects within the return process was something we were looking for. Junessa (our hero) and Eyal (CEO) have been extremely helpful during implementation. I would advice any other company to go with ReturnGo.

App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
3 mei 2023

ReturnGo is an intuitive and nicely designed app. my experience with the app is a positive one.
The support team for this app is fantastic. They provided great assistance. Thank you!

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App gebruikt gedurende 9 maanden
27 april 2023

Very intuitive and easy to use. ReturnGo took me less than two hours to set up and I'm not a techie. The app is saving us 2-3 hours work per day so it's a great addition to our stack. Best of all, the customer service is OUTSTANDING. They're really quick to reply and they provide solutions within minutes.

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 17 dagen
25 april 2023

good app. looks professional and simple to use. easy to manage and process return and exchange. support teams are also helpful

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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 19 uur
Bewerkt 11 mei 2023

I've only just added this App and it is so easy to navigate, looks like it will be very beneficial to us and our customers as it allows exchanges and updates stock. Emails go to customers efficiently with updates. Very easy to use, and the 2 problems I couldn't' navigate myself were very quickly and efficiently looked after by the customer service team. Very happy so far.

Just an update / We have been using this app now for a while and it is very reliable and has helped with seamlessly organising returns. Our customers love using it and are happy that they can now do easy exchanges. It syncs perfectly with inventory and orders and the customer service is ten out of ten. Any questions we had were answered quickly and any changes we needed were done. Very very happy with this app.

App gebruikt gedurende 17 dagen