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25 agosto 2021

We removed it because it was difficult for our customers to get in contact with their customer service and then they only offer refunds up to 15 days after an order is delivered. In the end it caused us more issues in customer service than before. Their setup on the site was pretty good and they helped us customize it, so giving them 2 stars instead of 1.

YoRo Naturals
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RouteApp LLC ha risposto 10 settembre 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're sorry your customers were having a difficult time reaching out to us. Order issues for packages marked "delivered" yet not received are considered by Route as stolen and must be filed 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises. For further information on Route's policies, you can look here:

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. We pride ourselves on offering world-class customer service. You can contact us at and we'd love to help any way we can! 

Have a great day!
Bianca, Customer Service

Data modifica: 10 agosto 2021

We heard about Route through ShineOn during a FB live session or zoom or something like that. We were made to understand that there was no cost to merchants and 1% of the cart value to be paid by the customer which seemed like a bargain based on what the big-boy carriers charge for "insurance" and how cumbersome their claim processes are. We couldn't see a downside. So we pulled the trigger. We got very good onboarding assistance but then had to do a ton of manual work when we had some shopify updates to our store. It took a lot of time and frustration to finally get Route operational on the store. Once it was there, we had about 50% take rate on customers leaving the switch on upon checkout. After several months, we have had a single customer claim and it was handled beautifully. Based on that, we decided to go the extra step and add route at no cost to the customer for every item in our store. It was a customer service and loyalty based strategic decision -- it took only 2 emails to Route and it was all done on their side. I had no additional work to do to our store. Simple, stupid, easy, breezy. When we received the first invoice after the switch, I was disappointed to find that our charge wasn't 1% of the cart as had been represented on the ShineOn session we'd attended but "up to 2%" of the cart and we're definitely being charged "up to 2%". Yes, when I looked today to read all the fine print, there is a statement regarding "cart value up to 2" but that wasn't what had been represented at the initial presentation. Logic would seem to say that when Route is assured of a steady stream of revenue from an e-commerce store having chosen to provide their product/service on every sale that the rate would be at the low end, not even at the middle and certainly not on the high end. Sort of similar to how credit card processing fees, tiered volume/quantity discount pricing or wholesale vs. resale pricing works. Instead it feels kind of like being an established cable or cell phone customer and not getting the best deals like a new customer gets. Long story short for Route: it's a customer satisfier, it takes a layer of customer service work away from my day to day and it's relatively simple to get functional on a Shopify store. I just wish their "best" pricing applied to shops who gave them the vote of confidence by putting their protection on every order. So room for that elusive 5th star if they get their pricing in order...

Said Beautifully
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RouteApp LLC ha risposto 23 agosto 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for the review! We’re thrilled to hear setting up Route was a simple experience for you. We are, however, sorry to hear the fees were not clear. We understand how frustrating that can be. I am glad you were able to connect with one of our team members. Thank you for providing us with feedback on what we can add to our merchant help center and information that would be helpful for new merchants in the future.

You can contact us at if you have any other questions about your pricing. Thanks for your patience and we hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,
Bianca, Customer Service

30 ottobre 2020

This company gives a good sales pitch, but doesn't follow through. The experience for both the customer and on the admin side is sub par. Don't let this company represent your brand's customer service. It's especially not sufficient for perishable companies even though they claim that "we insure all kinds of perishable companies." We wasted a bunch of time on this. Don't waste yours.

Frozen Garden
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28 marzo 2019

Waste of time. The insurance option never appeared on the checkout and continuous efforts to get support never yielded any results. The app is a great idea and Shopify desperately needs a working app for shipping insurance but unfortunately this app is note ready for prime time :(

The Bubble Tea Company
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3 febbraio 2021

Terrible app. I have barely had this app for a month and it is terrible. I received several emails to update my billing (which does not even make sense as there have been NO changes with my billing), I try to login in to see what the issue is and I get an error stating there is no account associated with my email. HUH? HOW? I went through my list of emails and nothing. I send in a support request (mind you, it took 5 days to get any sort of response from customer support) and they say the only email they have on file is THE ONE I HAD TYPED IN 5 TIMES. Absolutely ridiculous and frustrating and now I have tons of orders with no package coverage because of this terrible app.

Peachy Pup Co
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RouteApp LLC ha risposto 5 febbraio 2021

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your candid feedback. We're always looking to improve our merchant experience, so we greatly appreciate you relaying this info over to us.

We're so sorry for any confusion caused, but we're glad it appears we were able to sort out your login issues. To ensure your billing questions were resolved as well, we had a merchant support specialist follow-up via email this morning.

We took a look into your support requests, and we're showing your messages were addressed within 24-48 business hours. At Route, we strive to respond to requests within 24-48 business hours of receipt, and we're so sorry for any initial misunderstandings regarding response times. Lastly, it appears the login troubles were due to an incorrect email address being initially saved onto your account that our team has since fixed.

Again, our sincerest apologies for any frustrations experienced, but we're happy to hear our team was able to work through the snags with you.

If you continue to run into any billing, login, or Route-related questions, please feel free to reach out to us at: and we'll be more than happy to assist.

All the best,

Jordan, Customer Service

11 maggio 2021

We finally got a lovely person (Katie) to provide us some support and help regarding the appin the end. But by that point there had just been too many issues to make it worthwhile. First, setup is not easy or smooth. Secondly, they modified some things in our checkout process that we didn't want and we had to have them resolve it. Next, we see clients adding it (or having it default and them not deselecting it) so ok....But we never saw or got notice of when a new order was needed to be shipped to a client. It was not a painless, smooth or easy process that they lead you to believe when making their sales pitch AT ALL. It also required you to log on over to their site and see and track things there. Sorry, I don't see that making life any easier. Then I guess we had 1 maybe 2 orders with issues and they reached out to us and said that we were having too many issues and had to raise rates/change the setup as it wasn't working for them. What?!?! In the end, it didn't save us any time, energy or ease of frustration with order issues. Spent awhile looking around at other apps and we'll move on to one of them. If we are going to have the headaches anyways, then why are we giving them the money? Would give it a 1 star were it not for the help Katie was kind enough to provide in the end.

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RouteApp LLC ha risposto 21 maggio 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for relaying your experience. We’re so happy to hear that our wonderful CSM, Katie, was able to provide help and clarity in the end . We do apologize, however, for the rocky start. We’d be happy to look into your situation as well and do everything we can to further clarify and set things right.

At times when merchants have additional assets on their page, or customized checkout processes as in your case, adding Route can require a few extra steps for a smooth setup. We do have a team dedicated to implementing the Route widget in such situations, and they can be reached at should you run into any future implementation snags.

We are so sorry for the confusion caused regarding notice of when a new order is needed to be shipped. When an issue is approved for a reorder, our specialists notify the customer and an update is provided for merchants within the dashboard.

Regarding tracking, we do require an account login for our merchant portal so merchants can securely track their customers’ packages and have visibility into issue statuses and order stats.

Customers, on the other hand, are welcome to download and log into our Route app or follow the web tracking link in their Route confirmation email to track their packages.

Again, thank you for sharing your experience, and our apologies for any confusion caused. All of your feedback has been passed along to our team. If you experience any further implementation difficulties, tracking inquiries, or other questions, please feel free to reach out to and we’d be more than happy to assist.

All the best,

Jordan, Customer Service

2 novembre 2020

It's a good idea and I guess it gives customers confidence. Although I'm not sure how the claim process works since my customers didn't have to make a claim. My problem with Route is that they claim that the service is free, while it's not. The way it works is the customer adds to cart "Route package protection" as an insurance and basically adds that cost to the order. Then, Route charges me for that same cost, the merchant is just the middle man, in theory. But in reality, they don't take into account fees associated with the sale (shopify fee, paypal fee etc...). Which is a few cents per order. It might not seem a lot for 1 order but on thousands of orders it starts to add up. Moreover, it's not free as they advertise it, and they know it. When confronting support about it they tried to circumvent the problem saying it's "paypal's fault, contact paypal, it's your store's fault etc..." But it's not, it's the way the app works. At one point after all the evidence I brought and when they couldn't deny anymore, they just stopped responding, I deleted the app. The concept is good, but shady practices and poor customer service doesn't make me want to continue with them. Moreover after reading the last reviews, I'm happy I don't have to deal with them anymore. You shouldn't either.

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RouteApp LLC ha risposto 20 novembre 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for your invaluable feedback. My sincerest apologies for any frustration caused - I would feel very similarly.

In regards to the claims process, customers can report issues on any lost, stolen, or damaged Route-protected packages by following the link in their Route confirmation email or through the Route app. Step-by-step reporting instructions for your customers can be found here: If you ever need to file on behalf of your customers, please see this article:

In accordance with our policies, Route Package Protection is free for merchants and is available for purchase to customers on the cart page. However, please note that if you use any 3rd party platforms such as Shopify or PayPal, they may incur their own separate fees.

I hope this helps clarify your concerns. If you have received any questionable charges from us, or have any additional questions, please contact our as we’d love to assist and look into that further. I have flagged your feedback to our team who will be on the lookout for any future questions.


Jordan, Customer Support

5 novembre 2019

A company that will pay for all your customers' lost, stolen and damaged packages at no cost to you? If it sounds too good to be true, it might be. Over six weeks, Route paid five claims for lost and stolen packages. But our first damage claim—and more importantly, the company's handling of it—caused us to deactivate the app.

We sell luxury baby gear, so the safety and integrity of our products is of the utmost importance. A customer contacted Route when her $1,400 product arrived with a 3-foot gash and numerous holes in the box, which resulted in scratches and dents. Route tersely informed her that she was not eligible for a replacement or refund because the damages were "only cosmetic," not functional. Route instead offered a $150 refund, which would not come close to covering the cost of replacement parts. The customer was outraged and is planning to file a chargeback against us, which would quickly erase the financial gains we made with Route.

Route's website makes no mention to customers or retailers that claims may be only partially covered. Prior to implementation, the sales rep assured us repeatedly that Route does not meddle in the details of claims—he said their goal is to make these claims easy for both us and the customer. In reality, they are asking customers to file police reports for any lost item over $100, and their team is arguing with customers about the value of damaged products. Plus, our account manager on multiple occasions threatened to raise our rate from 1% to 3% because we had five claims in six weeks. Route will work for you some of the time or hopefully, even most of the time. But for us, the benefits did not outweigh the risk to our customer satisfaction and company reputation.

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28 gennaio 2022

Perfect, a slight hiccup during installation but I contacted the support and got a reply the same day with the solution. The app seems to work great and has a very sleek new UI design. The support team was kind and very helpful with any questions I had. I have not needed to make a insurance claim yet but I feel in safe hands with the Route team

3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
RouteApp LLC ha risposto 16 febbraio 2022

Hello there,

Thanks for the kind words! We're happy we were able to find a solution to your installation problems. We pride ourselves on giving a high level of support. Should you run into any future questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at: and we'd be happy to help!

Bianca, customer service

8 agosto 2020

We have used this app for about one month and maybe 800 customers have purchased it. The process for the customer to request a replacement and reorder is not easy like their sales team have suggested. A customer will almost always get frustrated and require support from the brand.

Maybe 20 customers have requested a claim and as of now only one has been approved. We have had to mitigate for these which is fine but really defeats the purpose of this app.

Lastly, the support is not quality as you need to submit email tickets and responses take long which frustrates a customer further.

I would recommend that someone should just consider adding a product themselves as insurance and test for a month to see if you even need a service like this. But, if you do need this consider another service as they dont follow through on their marketing claims.

SUVA Beauty
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