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17. únor 2023

Helped me a lot! Solved all my problems!!! I really enjoyed the service, I hope that whenever I need help you will be the same one to assist me

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8. červenec 2021

It does not even support bulk importing from any of the mentioned sites.
If you have a large number of products do not try to install this app. I installed this app and charged my account immediately and they told me to upgrade for Unlimited Plan to bulk import from just 1 supported site (That too doesn't work). If you are a new business don't waste your money on this app, there are tons of free app available which does the same thing. Also, the user experience is so poor, I definitely don't recommend this app. STAY AWAY!

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 8. červenec 2021

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu.

As we mentioned in our support thread, our App only supports the Bulk option import via Oberlo in Unlimited plan. And we already mark it clearly on our pricing page
The Bulk Import feature via Importify as your needs is not available now, and we do not mention that feature in any documents but I already passed that idea to the DEV to check and hope they can add it soon.
We hope you can understand and consider about 1-star review that you already gave us.

Thank you so much.


3. květen 2021

I uninstalled it, but it still has residual plug-ins that can edit my products, which makes me very unsatisfied.

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 3. květen 2021

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu.

Maybe you are talking about Ryviu's icons on your Shopify Products section. Did you remove Ryviu's Chrome extension? Because after uninstalling, our app will completely removing and will not affect your store. Please check this instruction to know how to remove Ryviu's Chrome extension:

All the best,

Dan from Ryviu

24. srpen 2020

Uninstalling, it keeps giving me the error message saying that 'URL exist' no matter if I enter a valid URL, invalid URL or no URL at all.

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 26. srpen 2020


I'm Dan from Ryviu. Thank you for your feedback. Can you contact us and let us know a little more about the issue did you get so we can fix it for you?

All the best,

Ryviu team

2. září 2020

Paid twice and app never processed my subscription. Unable to use, despite having paid. Frustrating.

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17. červen 2020

Seems promising, but had no success importing the review body from the standard Shopify Review export.

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 17. červen 2020

Hi, I'm Dan from Ryivu. Did you change format of your CSV to correct format of our CSV file before importing? Please check our document from here to know how to import reviews via CSV:
Best Regards,

Dan from Ryviu.

29. leden 2023

Total waste of money. Does no more than other free apps. Don't get ripped off like I just did. £9.99 to import Etsy reviews and it didn't even work

Crystal Shoe Designs
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 29. leden 2023

Hi Crystal Shoe Designs,

I'm Yen from the Ryviu team and I'm sorry for the inconvenience you've had with Ryviu not importing reviews from Etsy.

I have already reached out to you via email, and I hope to hear back from you soon so we can assist you to resolve that problem.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

21. listopad 2020

When you delete the app the injected codes are not deleting so you need to go to your code HTML and delete it your own
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 22. listopad 2020

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu team.

The codes cannot be deleted from your store when uninstalling because you removed permission of Ryviu app when uninstalling but these codes will not work and affect your store so you don't need to remove them or contact us so we can help you to remove them completely.

All the best,

Ryviu team.

17. březen 2021

I deleted the app but the Ryviu's code still is in my code. How can I delete it? My shop works so slow.Thanks

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 17. březen 2021

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu. I'm sorry to hear about what you've experienced!

Please note that our code will not work and affect the speed of your store when you uninstall Ryviu app.

Even app is installing, Ryviu app will not affect to speed of your store because it will load after your store is fully loaded only. In this case, I suggest you check the speed of your network firstly.
Please check your email for an email from our support team. I'm looking forward to getting your reply and I hope I could help you if you need further assistance.

All the best,


23. listopad 2021

Product Q&A doesn't work when inserted into template. Instructions reference a theme template that doesn't exist. Deleted app.

TractorByNet Store
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 23. listopad 2021

Hi there,

My name's Yen from the Ryviu Team.

Firstly, I am so sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with our app. Ryviu supports Paid plans to add the Q&A widget. Therefore, it does not work on your Free account. Please check the detail in our pricing section

I hope you can give me a chance to assist you. I will be more than happy to help you to set up all things you need as same as we always do with other valuable customers.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.