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2. červenec 2020

I wanted to receive a link for the "Write a review" interface that I can incorporate in an email. After waiting for 1 week for an answer from support, was told it is not possible - really? It looks like an easy task for me. Why such lack of cooperation? Also, the emails you can set up in the app to ask for a review do not include unsubscribe link. Bad service.

Skin Freedom
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19. září 2023

Aplicativo horrível, não consigo de forma alguma fazer funcionar na minha loja, é extremamente difícil de configurá-lo, não recomendo a ninguém!

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 20. září 2023


Meu nome é Yen, um membro da equipe de suporte da Ryviu. Peço sinceras desculpas pelos desafios que você enfrentou com nosso aplicativo.

Poderia gentilmente considerar a instalação do aplicativo Ryviu em sua loja? Isso nos permitiria abordar e resolver prontamente quaisquer problemas que você possa estar enfrentando. Sua paciência é muito apreciada.

Aguardo ansiosamente a conexão com você através do nosso Chat ao Vivo. Desejo a você um maravilhoso dia!


Datum úprav: 23. duben 2021

Rubbish app ,Not useful at all,waste my time............................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 23. duben 2021

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu.

As I'm checking, you imported reviews via CSV used incorrect file format so reviews cannot import to your product. If you don't know how to use then please contact us before leaving a bad review :(

All the best,


28. prosinec 2022

App not working well. bad application
I'm trying to transfer comments but to no avail. In addition they have a monthly subscription . this is shame

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 28. prosinec 2022

Hi Monalizay,

My name's Yen from the Ryviu team. I'm truly sorry to hear your experience with Ryviu was not as you expected.

I've personally reached out to you through our support. I hope to talk to you soon so we address and clarify all your concerns.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

All the best,

26. únor 2023

Aplicativo simplesmente não funciona, as reviewrs sumiram e não consigo mais conetar a minha loja ao aplicativo, que meu deixou totalmente na mão

Fire Ofertas
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 26. únor 2023

Hi Fire Offers,

I'm Yen from the Ryviu team, and I'm sorry to hear that Ryviu does not work on your store. We value your feedback and want to address any concerns or issues you may have.

I've personally reached out to you through our support channel and hope to hear from you soon so that I can assist you to display reviews.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

All the best,

Datum úprav: 21. únor 2023

the app pulls 20 reviews with photos per item in the free version for about 2 to 3 days, after that it only gets 2 or 3 reviews with photos. A really bad way to get positive reviews for the app

o aplicativo puxa 20 reviews com fotos por item na versao free durante cerca de 2 a 3 dias, depois disso passa a pegar apenas 2 ou 3 comentarios com fotos. Uma maneira bem ruim para conseguir reviews positivos para o aplicativo

Gringo Relógios
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 21. únor 2023

Hi there,

I'm Dan from Ryviu.
Thank you for reaching out.

In our free plan, you can only import 20 latest Aliexpress reviews of a product, and not all the latest reviews of aliexpress have photos.

All best wishes,


20. leden 2020

The app keeps charging me every month even though I have a free account!!!

Shopify even blocked my store because of this app!!!!!!

I have the screenshot proving it!!!

Spojené státy
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 20. leden 2020

Hi there,

Our app is using Shopify payment API and it will automatically count fee every 30 days. You upgraded your plan on November 28, 2019, and canceled your plan on December 30, 2019, so you have been charged for 2 months in use.

Best Regards,

Ryviu team

3. duben 2020

If there's an option to give zero stars, that would I choose. App wasn't working for a long time, their support wasn't able to do anything and after I gave them a bad review, they asked me to delete it and to connect them with TeamViewer ... After that, shitstorm happened, not just that they haven't been able to fix anything, they were tempering with my network and now my internet is working terrible, not loading pages, reporting errors, WiFi goes up and down so I even have to call my ISP support now, i mean FFS! I will report them anywhere I can, starting from Shopify first but for those thinking about installing this app, just DON'T, under any circumstances! SCAMMING APP

MiniTECH Group
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Datum úprav: 6. duben 2023

Não estou conseguindo editar no produto. Suporte do RYVIU disse que Shopify remove o recurso de edição agora eu não posso editar os comentários "Devido às políticas da Shopify, a função "Editar revisão" não está mais disponível." Isso não é possível!! o que eu faço algo de errado??? Quero resolver o problema!

Feminino Marisa
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 6. duben 2023

Hi there,

My name's Yen from the Ryviu team. We regret to inform you about removing Edit reviews features. Our decision to do so is in strict adherence to Shopify policy, which is aimed at upholding the integrity of reviewers' feedback. Please refer the detail from this doc:

We understand that this may come as an inconvenience to you and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

All the best,

13. duben 2023

The application is no longer useful because you can't edit the comments you import. Knowing that most of the comments are in a foreign language and very poorly written, so you can't fix the mistakes or translate them. They rely on a Shopify article that prohibits using services for deceptive business practices. However, this in no way prohibits translation and correction of mistakes. So there is absolutely no justification for this removal. The proof is that other competing applications have not removed this option. And even if it's true that you can use them to completely change the comments as you like, it's not their fault. It would be like banning a business from selling knives on the grounds that customers can use them to kill people.

Maison du Panda
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 14. duben 2023

Hey Maison du Panda,

I'm Yen from the Ryviu team.

I can understand how do you feel, but unfortunately, we must follow the Shopify policy. I hope you understand and I'm sorry for any trouble this may have caused.

If you need any more help, just let us know and we'll be happy to assist you. Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards,