Facebook Ads Scaling ‑ Scalify

Facebook Ads Scaling ‑ Scalify

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Maximize Ad Profits with Automatic Scaling

Fast & Easy Setup

Launch a scaling campaign in minutes, target qualified lookalike audiences, A/B test ads instantly, and scale your ads 10x faster.

Maximize Ad Profits

Target audiences similar to customers with laser-targeted lookalike audiences templates. Get top spenders with lifetime value targeting.

Maintain Profit While Scaling

Generate profit by targeting 200 lookalike audiences from your Shopify store data, Facebook page, or Instagram profile engagement.

Facebook Ads Scaling ‑ Scalifyの詳細情報

The #1 Automated Tool For Scaling Facebook Ads Profitably

Facebook Ads Scaling is a Scalify app that helps you automate lookalike audience creation, maximize ROAS, and grow your business faster with Facebook (and Instagram) ads.

Here's why you should use Facebook Ads Scaling:

Faster Campaign Setup

Create personalized ads easily, target profitable audiences, and test variations automatically to scale the next best ad. Make a habit of creating campaigns that deliver the highest ROAS with its automated workflow and superior targeting.

Automatic Split testing

Target money-making lookalike audiences by split testing different age groups, genders, locations, and ad placements in minutes and launch your variations with new or existing ads to find winning audiences to scale rapidly.

Exclusive High-Converting Lookalike Audience Templates:

Target highly interested prospects who are similar to your customers, website visitors, and social media followers who engaged with your Facebook page or Instagram profile. Generate profitable lookalike audiences e.g. lifetime value-based lookalikes in minutes with its powerful backend processing algorithm.

Mass Create 200 Laser-Targeted Lookalike Audiences

Generate up to 200 untapped lookalike audiences in minutes, expand globally 20% country reach, and find winning audiences to scale faster than ever.

Build Lookalike Audiences Based on Complex Rules

Easily create audiences based on complex conditions with its flexible Audience Builder. Define audiences by specific behaviors e.g. products added to cart or pages visited, then refine them by device, frequency, and time spent on your website.

Instant Google Analytics UTM Tagging For Correct Tracking

Add UTM tags to ads automatically to enhance tracking and get unbiased ROAS data you can rely on to measure performance.

Facebook Ads Scaling Will Work For You If:

  • You finished setting up your store and you have at least 1 product
  • You're on a paid Shopify plan
  • You're an Admin of an active Facebook Business Account
  • Your Ad spend is at least USD $100 in the last month


  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Facebook Business,
  • Google Analytics



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** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Great and fast service and support. Havent tried the app yet but looking forward to see how it works :)


This is an excellent app, It is very user friendly and help me with the creating Facebook ads campaign with ease. It saves me so much of time, which otherwise I would need to spend with the facebook ads campaign. Highly recommended.


I've been getting Scalify ads since forever so I took the free trial. The UI and UX are great and the support team were very responsive at answering my questions. I tried both Revealbot and Magicx and neither had solid features like Scalify.