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Datum úprav: 7. duben 2024


My mistake. Sorry for that. I can not use the app right now because the reference transactions are enabled from Paypal but in the app ist says "disabled". Without paypal options to pay I can't sell my subscriptions. I will write you an e-mail with details and you might be able to help.

The link in the "support" section which should lead to a description how to solve the problem is not working anymore. You might put a new one in it.

Right now I have the Visa check-Out option and it looks good. Since I did not spread the offer yet (because paypal is not working) I can't say more about it. But the app seems to have a lot great options.

Der Hundegefährte
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Vývojář Seal Subscriptions odpověděl 18. leden 2024

Hi, We have tried to contact you but we never received a reply from you. The FREE version of the app allows you to create a subscription rule for one or more specific products. You can basically add as many products to the subscription rule you want, even on the FREE plan :)
But the Legend plan does come with a special feature, which allows you to apply a subscription rule on ALL products in your shop with just one click. This way, you don't have to manually add all products to the subscription rule :)

If you need any help with the app, just send us an email to and we will be more than happy to help you out :)

Seal Subscriptions team

6. únor 2024

+ intuitive to use
+ fast , effective and friendly Customer support
+ seems to have all important features (testing for a 2 weeks)
+ Pricingsystem seems very provisionbased, therefore lot of value for the cost.

- Translations can be improved

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14. květen 2024

So far so good, does what I need

Dam Kids Ranch
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3. duben 2024


Coffee shop international
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1. březen 2024

Just installed the App and so far so good! Was easy to configure. Will see how it goes when orders are placed!

Wyong Produce
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8. červen 2024

Super easy to set up and implement

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29. listopad 2023

Seal works great! It is easy to use. I wish it was possible to edit credit card information on subscription. We have customers call and want us to update their credit card, and the software does not allow us to do that. The customer has to do it themselves via email. Some of our older customers don't have email.

Professional Botanicals
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Vývojář Seal Subscriptions odpověděl 1. prosinec 2023

Thank you for your review :)
Overall, if you have any issues with the app, it is best to send us an email to support@sealsubscriptions and we will help you out.
But let me also reply to your question here.

As per credit card industry's security standards, we mustn't save or handle any full credit cart data. However, Shopify allows you to updated the credit card information for some payment methods directly on the customer's profile in Shopify.
You can check if you can also do this in your case in Shopify admin > Customers > click on the customer and then on the right side, you should have an option to update the credit card data next to the payment methods ;)

Seal Subscriptions team

11. prosinec 2023

Good App for Subscription Managment.
In some areas it does not work perfectly with Shopify.
Support is great, though!

easySmart Shop
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15. listopad 2023

Really responsive customer support, and the most flexible subscription app in terms of variety they offer and support. Learning curve I found a little steep but they can support you through it.

Poppin & Vine
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19. leden 2024

I'm sure I'll come back later and give 5 stars instead of 4, but I haven't fully put it to use yet. However, I just got it installed and activated and it literally took me less than 5 minutes! Time is valuable so I'm very appreciative for quick set-ups. Now let's see how my customers like it :)

The Hope's Dragonfly Acres
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