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Bewerkt 12 juni 2023

I can see no reason to get this app when the Shopify app, Inbox is free. Inbox automatically emails the customer when the customer is offline. Willdesk would not connect to my Outlook and after many instances on chat support, I discovered the free app by Shopify, which seems to do a lot more with fewer hassles.

The customer service for Willdesk is fast, but they couldn't work out the email issue. Shopify's Inbox does it automatically.

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12 maanden gebruiken de app
Channelwill heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2023

Thank you for your feedback. We are really grateful to feel that we served you well. We will much appreciate your support by recommending us to your friend about our app, so we can spread help to other people. Thank you for your suggestion and we will work on the email integration. Once it was released, we will tell you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Nona|Willdesk Support

20 maart 2023

WARNING: This app automatically modifies your stores live theme.liquid and activates its own widget immediately on install! This is the first time I've come an app that makes active modifications to the live theme without even a hint that any changes have been made. If I hadn't done my diligence exploring the settings and noticing the widget was already enabled and active, I would have unknowingly had a UI element interfering with my existing theme and confusing customers.

The fact that these code changes are made automatically without consent or notice is bad enough, but beyond that there isn't even a proper uninstall option to automatically remove the code - all you get is a blurb in the FAQ section with an unreadably small screenshot with a red box around the added code and instructions to delete it. Of course the box also includes the final closing HTML body tag which needs to stay in the file, so if you miss that you might just break your site in the process.

To the developer: add a welcome splash page that has a button to apply the code change to the theme, do not auto-activate intrusive store page UI features, and make a proper uninstall option to have the app remove code changes.

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8 minuten gebruiken de app
Channelwill heeft geantwoord 20 maart 2023

Hello There,

Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry for the inconvenience we had caused you. After checking with Developer Team on our side, we currently have updated APP version into 2.0 and now we will not insert any codes from APP side without permission, please rest assured here, no worries.😊

Our development team will also consider your suggestions in developing the app and especially the app function.😊To properly address your issue, you can also reach the Willdesk Support Team and we will arrange for you with one of our customer support experts and tech support to solve all the problem if you need our further helps. Feel free to leave us a message in live chat and at the email address:

With your simple suggestion, feedback, and response we can help each other grow.

Best Regards,
Nona Willdesk SUpport Team