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31. květen 2023

So happy I found this app. This is the first set up I have found where I can sell by weight but also have the items taken out of my inventory individually. When I had one set up question, they were quick to respond and get it fixed for me. Definitely glad I added it onto our shopify store.

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Vývojář Filljoy odpověděl 31. květen 2023

Thank you so much Kaitlyn for the kind review!

5. prosinec 2022

This app is the perfect solution for our package-free grocery store and refillery. It has allowed us to sell products in-store by weight and online in fixed sizes (weights) and it seamlessly keeps the inventory in sync. It's very easy to set up, extremely good value, and the app developer is very responsive to bug reports and feature requests! Filljoy also has a solution which we use in-store which uses RFID tags to store the tare weights of customers' containers - they provide all the hardware and again it's very easy to set up and use. I highly recommend Filljoy's apps for any stores that sell products by weight!

Reimagine Co
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2. červen 2023

This app is the perfect solution to easily sell Bulk Products at your store. Not only does the app include a lot of great features and functions but the support from Derrick and his team is amazing. Thank you!

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13. červenec 2023

The team was incredibly supportive and responsive to our questions and we were excited to have a variable weight solution! It was easy to install, set up, and learn the mechanics of it. We aren't currently using it, because of some complications of our own trying to implement a self-checkout process and overhaul our inventory first. We hope to return to the app again in the future!

The Hub On The Hill
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Vývojář Filljoy odpověděl 17. červenec 2023

Thank you Kim for your kind review, we look forward to welcoming you again!

Datum úprav: 14. březen 2023

Derrick and his team are great and offer one of the only sell by weight solutions for shopify. We did have a few glitches, but they resolved our issue and helped customize something that worked out for our store.

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Vývojář Filljoy odpověděl 13. březen 2023

Thank you Michaela, it's been great partnering with Knoxfill!

22. červen 2023

Filljoy gives great support and their apps are the best solutions to sell products by weight available in the app store

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15. září 2022

This app made selling by weight so easy for our refill store. Derrick was fantastic and very helpful in setting up the app for us for our refill store on wheels. He is quick to respond and will pretty much do everything he can to help you. I would highly recommend Sell by Weight in POS app!

The Clean Refillery
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Vývojář Filljoy odpověděl 15. září 2022

Thank you Laura for the kind review!

1. září 2022

Great app, great customer service! It's been really helpful in running our refill business, and it's easy to use.

Center Goods
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Vývojář Filljoy odpověděl 1. září 2022

Thank you so much Erica for the kind review!

9. duben 2022

Great app! I really appreciate how easy it is to get in touch with the developer and that they continuously look for ways to improve it!

Dogwood Refillery
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28. duben 2022

we have used FillJoy for almost two years and the last update has made our checkout process so much faster and easier. We especially notice a difference in efficiency when customers have more than 3 items to weigh because the taring process is so quick. I have no doubt FillJoy will only get better and working with Derrick has always been enjoyable.

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