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4 oktober 2023

Very disapointed by their service, they just announced they will double my subscription fee and I will have less features than before. I have been a loyal customer since 2020, shared feedback on improvements but you lost my faith and loyalty. Hopefully a bell will ring and you will put customer satisfaction as one of your priorities... this before money ;-)

Sorry but I can't accept paying twice for a service with less features.

Les P'tits Canons
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19 september 2023

At the beginning everything was nice, but their service has been worsening over the last months.
It takes them over a week to let you know where a parcel has been delivered. It happens, more and more, that parcels are left at some neighbour and the information of where exactly the parcel has been left is not provided.
We have to manually request this info, and we get it a week later, which is not acceptable.
Also, upon the worsening service of the carriers, they keep on saying that it's not their fault, that they are only in between. But if I work directly with a carrier, at least I have an account manager at which I can make complaints.
With Sendcloud, they say that Carriers don't accept complaints about missing pick-ups for example, which makes no sense.
So, I DON'T recommend Sendcloud anymore. Their service idea is good, however, the execution has a lot of room for improvement.

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2 november 2023

Han actualizado los planes a peor. Tienes distintos planes y no hay mejora de precio en ninguno de ellos, solo hay que hacer el cálculo de los envíos, creo que nos toman por tontos... han subido los precios de todo y como te pases de las etiquetas te cobran más del doble. No la recomiendo.

Z Drinks
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27 juni 2023

A eviter absolument sauf si vous avez beaucoup d'argent a perdre dans des supplements d'envois injustifiés .

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6 maart 2023

The worst shipping app I've ever used. This app is absolutely useless. It can't even read or import Order Tags. So let's say you want to NOT import orders tagged with "Fraud" there is no way to accomplish this.

Kick Game
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17 januari 2023

Une catastrophe pour les points relais, si vous souhaitez contacter vos clients à chaque commande pour demander leur point relais car l'appli crashe, allez-y, cette appli est pour vous !

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27 juni 2023

ils vous prélevent des supplements inventés et completements delirants , un colis de 3kg se voit taxer de 100 euros de supplements un mois plus tard car son poids est passé comme par magie a 12kg , et sur ce supplement ils refacturent un supplement carburant de 18 euros !!!! bref si vous avez enormement d'argent a perdre allez y .

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16 februari 2023

Une catastrophe pour les points relais, si vous souhaitez contacter vos clients à chaque commande pour demander leur point relais car l'appli crashe, allez-y, cette appli est pour vous !

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Bewerkt 20 april 2023

Was once a great app now just full of hidden charges
Just charged and extra €19.20 for a remote delivery
I asked about the charge and sendcloud say its what they get charged by dpd I have just checked and for the same parcel to same address via dpd its only €5 extra

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20 april 2017

Since the new release april 20, 2017, all orders before March 22nd, 2017 cannot be imported any more. This is done without any message, email or whatever to the client.

Had Sendcloud since april 2016, we where working fine with them.
But now it is chaos.
There customer service is not capable to understand the problem of me as a client. Had to ask for an involved person. Very slow and frustrating process with them at the moment.
There is also no support for the UPS commercial invoice.

Have contacted them about this. But they cannot help me.

Have to look for another app.

Jelly Store
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