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23. únor 2024

this app has continuous problems that never seem to get addressed

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25. listopad 2023

The app itself is great, but really High base cost, and they will not refund you for any reason once you paid for your orders.

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22. listopad 2023

i cant figure out how to add products to my Shopify store. it should not be so hard to figure out.

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20. únor 2024

A bit complicated

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Datum úprav: 5. únor 2024

New to Shine On.10/1/23 . I am having a hard time connecting you your page to set up design cards. Requesting help. Updating note to Shine-On 2/5/24 Still having issues bring product over to my store. One in particular the Acrylic Plaques can get them to port over to my website/store. Requesting heplp to no avail.

Perfect Gifts Inc.
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25. září 2023

I was really disappointed when I saw there options was very limited
I was under the impression that there would be a lot more options to choose from

Evangelizing Apparel
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31. srpen 2023

I csn not get the verification to work

Life Is Good Store
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20. červenec 2023

Havent used it much yet. Will get back to ya.
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14. březen 2023

I was amazed by the videos of sellers making huge profits with Shineon and i followed their channel and I can say that they're doing a great job honestly and they have a great sellers community, but when I installed their app and started designing and publishing products one month ago there was a real annoying huge issue about the "currency" setting in their app while it is set to USD by default in my Shineon account but when processing new product the price is always shown in my local currency which was confusing a lot beside that they said in their guide that the app automatically catch the shopify store currency and convert the prices by auto but that never happened which always causes to show wrong and non converted prices on my store, I did everything deleting uninstalling reinstalling publishing and again the issue still persists, contacted their live support chat by the way the support was kindly great and rapid and they said they're working to solve the issue and for a whole month after awaiting and contacting them several times nothing has been solved and the currency issue still persists, for anyone is not from USA or Europe be careful you should test everything before launching your store, for now im still waiting and i will uptade my review when they reply with updates.

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21. březen 2023

The app itself is good. But i've had a bug issue for months and cant fulfill orders. The side won't connect to my store anymore so now i'm trying to delete my account and reinstall. Wish me luck! More to follow.

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Vývojář ShineOn odpověděl 22. březen 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We're sorry to hear that you've had some difficulties and we see that you submitted your first Support ticket about this issue late last night. It looks like your app connection was broken via Shopify and our team has reached out to you with a solution. For future issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support at as soon as you see a problem. Our Live Chat response time is less than a minute and available to you M-F from 6am-6pm EST, with email support in less than 12 hours. We're here for you! :)