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Editado a 26 de outubro de 2023

Our experience with Shiphero Fulfillment has been deeply unsettling. We have been consistently overcharged for shipments, sometimes by up to five times the quoted amount. When we've tried to address these discrepancies, we were directed to a clause in their Terms of Service which provides a mere 30-day window for claims. This policy not only imposed unexpected costs on our business but also put our reputation at risk, especially on platforms like Etsy due to fulfillment delays.

Beyond these financial concerns, we have grappled with late shipments, missing parcels, and frequent technical glitches with their app, necessitating almost weekly communication with their support team. This has not only been mentally draining but also diverted our time and energy from core business activities.

However, what truly concerns us is what appears to be a systemic lack of business ethics at Shiphero. Their modus operandi seems designed to shield them from responsibility while placing undue burdens on their clients. I believe it's vital for potential clients to be aware of these issues. It's not just about the operational hassles but about engaging with a company that, based on our experience, seems to prioritize their bottom line over genuine partnership and ethical business conduct. I strongly advise thorough due diligence before considering Shiphero Fulfillment.

Canvas by Numbers
Estados Unidos
Questão respondida por ShipHero 12 de setembro de 2022

Hello Canvas by Numbers team,
We appreciate your review and your candor relating to your experience with ShipHero. Our Client Support team will work to correct any billing issues and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you again.