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Editado a 28 de abril de 2024

They double charged me for shipments to the tune of $25K USD over the course of four months, continued to do so for two months when I notified them of their error, and then reimbursed me three months after that. One in 200 packages gets a "no-first-scan" error where the parcel is simply lost outright, and I have no recourse or reimburse for the contents of the order, must pay shipping for a new order to be sent out, my customer gets their order three weeks late, and I only get a partial reimbursement for the shipping cost in most cases, but only if I petition them. One in 250 parcels has a transposed item mistake with another parcel, and I've had it twice in my short tenure that my customer was shipped a product from someone else's store, and I was charged shipping for both shipments, and had to petition to get a reimbursement. Many hundreds of orders had a tacked on oversize charge of $4 because their auto-rule packed everything, even something the size of a pack of cards in a 24" x 24" polybag, and even if the polybag was folded and taped, that counts as an oversized package (one dimension over 20") in their eyes. Now, any PO box addresses will count as a Zone 9 charge (think, Australia), and also they are tacking on $500 a month for simply using their software.

Lizard Doggo
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Questão respondida por ShipHero 5 de setembro de 2023

Hi Lizard Doggo Team!
We are deeply sorry for the multitude of issues you've faced, and we genuinely appreciate you bringing these concerns to our attention.
We acknowledge the concerns that have negatively impacted your experience.
To address these concerns and work towards a resolution, we kindly ask you to reach out to our customer support team at We are eager to understand the specifics of your situation and find a solution that rectifies these problems.
Your feedback highlights areas where we need improvement, and we are actively reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure a better experience for all our clients.
Once again, we apologize for the challenges you've encountered, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make things right. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

Editado a 28 de setembro de 2022

UPDATE 9/28: DOWN rating to 2 stars. Service support is pretty much non-existent. Unlike most companies these days, there's not a feature to chat with support, nor phone number. The only way is via a ticket system. I have a multiple tickets that have been open for 9+ days. What's worse is that this is a 3pl company and I can't get accurate inventory numbers on the panel. Looking at what we shipped to the warehouse and what they shipped to our customers , the numbers in inventory don't match what is being displayed on the app. On top of that, I can't get an answer to why the pricing is completely random for the same SKU from order to order. Some are priced 2x the amount (that ticket is 8 days old). REVIEW 9/14
We signed up with ShipHero 3 months ago and due to delays on our side only just launched yesterday . My rep, Silvana was amazing. She walked me through the process from beginning to end and took the time to customize certain parts of ShipHero so we could do split orders with another fulfillment vendor. The app is pretty easy to use. I like the fact there are no shipping zones so you can pick one warehouse that's near your manufacturer and be done. Prices are quite reasonable for storage, pick fees and shipping. I do wish it would support posthero integration for Active Campaign and not just Klaviyo.

Estados Unidos
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Questão respondida por ShipHero 15 de setembro de 2022

Hello NightFood!
Thank you for letting us know how your launch went! We're so happy to have you onboard. And we're glad to know that Silvana has been rockin' it. She is pretty amazing. We wish you much success and look forward to helping you grow! Thanks again!