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26 april 2024

No problem with the App, but awful, awful customer service. Stay far away.

The service while using the app was ok. They're a little expensive, and a bit slow. But mostly good enough.

When we decided to stop the service, they were a disaster. First they failed to get our inventory ready in time for pickup, then they continued to charge us after we closed our account.

If our customer service experience so far is any indication, we'll end up needing to take them to small claims court in order to recover our money.

My advice, if you must use ShipMonk, is to use a credit card that offers a "virtual card" feature, so that you can prevent them from billing your after you close your account. I have such a feature, but sadly didn't use it.

Better, though, is to avoid them altogether. There are other 3PL companies that don't have these issues.

Pottery Awesomeness
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11 maanden gebruiken de app
15 april 2024

We switched to ShipMonk after a disasterous year with another fulfillment center. ShipMonk is accurate and speedy, and incredibly responsive to all my requests and needs. They cost more for sure, but it's totally worth it to have our orders processed correctly. We are looking forward to growing our business further now that order fulfillment is going so smoothly.

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10 maanden gebruiken de app
15 april 2024

Our collaboration with Shipmonk's warehouse has been absolutely outstanding. Order fulfillment is seamless, with remarkable effectiveness and efficiency, complemented by exceptional customer service. Special thanks to our Happiness Engineer, Sarah, who supports us in all aspects and provides the best top-notch customer experience!

Somavedic USA
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13 mei 2024

Shipmonk has been a wonderful partner in growing and scaling our business. Their customer support is extremely responsive and will go to great ends to make sure that your product is well taken care of and your questions or issues are resolved in as quick a timeline as possible.

Sniffies HUSH
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
7 maart 2024

Shipmonk has been an amazing 1 stop shop for all my shipping and fulfillment needs. The most daunting task was the setup but David Lowthorp is their Onboarding Specialist and he made everything very easy and efficient. He also answered every question with a quick and timely response. I definitely recommend ShipMonk!

Elite Level Status
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
16 april 2024

Working with ShipMonk and particulary our support manager Sarah, has been incredibly rewarding. Her expertise and dedication in handling challenging customer issues make her an essential asset to our team. She skillfully anticipates and resolves problems, greatly enhancing our brand's reputation.

Sarah is not just a support manager; she's a significant part of our success, driving excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. I am truly thankful for her impactful contribution to our team.

US TTSWTRS Official Online Shop
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6 april 2024

Any company should prioritize having a great customer service team and that's what ShipMonk has. We encounter issues but that's normal in any business. The important thing is clients are heard and solutions are provided. Thanks to the Happiness Engineers who helped us - Brenajah and Matthew - and looking forward to great things ahead!

Bloom Healthy Cooking
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11 dagen gebruiken de app
11 april 2024

I have been onboarding with ShipMonk which is a complicated and difficult process in the best of circumstances. The ship monk app is easy to use and comprehensive. The onboarding support team goes the extra mile to ensure everything works the way it needs to. Highly recommend so far.

Kismet Pets
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16 dagen gebruiken de app
15 mei 2024

Accurate, efficient 3PL with a quick-to-respond customer service team. There are more than a few "hidden fees" in your contract so read carefully but in the end it's worth it for knowing your product is being managed well. While the customer service team always answers quickly and kindly, special projects sometimes take a few weeks - so budget time accordingly.

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9 dagen gebruiken de app
9 februari 2024

Thank goodness for Louis Vedosky and his team at ShipMonk! We had a difficult situation pop up and his professionalism and leadership made all the difference with our project! Without him, I think we could have had a very stressful day! Thank you Louie!

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9 maanden gebruiken de app