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23. leden 2018

ShippingEasy is great but definitely does not have anything. A few things I don't understand - why can you not just download a shipping label and not print it? Frustrating when I am trying to send to a customer. Similarly, you cannot download a PDF of the orders you are trying to print before printing. Their customer service is very accessible, but I agree they do tend to place blame on external factors. They are always very nice and problem is solved quickly, but I do feel like we have to call a lot. Overall, more features than our previous shipper (GoShippo) and for now it is working for us.

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19. srpen 2019

I actually look forward to chatting with someone from customer support. No matter how long it takes to solve your issue, they remain professional, patient and courteous! Never giving a possible solution and to contact them again if it doesn't work.

Always a positive ending with customer support.

Lilly's Kloset
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9. únor 2017

Shippingeasy is easy and useful for our company. We use it everyday!
It would be awesome if the customs forms for international shipping could all be printed at once. Selecting the customs form for each order makes my shipping days much slower. I know that is something that is being worked on currently but would love that to change.
Other than that, we love that you guys have a "chat" very helpful.

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Datum úprav: 28. srpen 2015

Been using shipping easy for a few years and have successfully shipped thousands of orders with them. Really efficient, especially on days when you have volume orders. Like any shipping app you have to educate yourself a bit on how to do things in a way that works best for your shop.

I'm surprised by some of the negative reviews. This app is always improving and seems very committed to customer satisfaction. It takes some patience and practice to get set up in a way that works for your shop, but i can't immagine thats not the case with other shipping apps. Once you get it down to a science (which labels, which paper, which orientation,etc...) you'll be shipping orders so fast, professionally, and efficiently.

Literally don't think we could run the shop without this app.

Hattan Home
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27. květen 2016

Switching over to ShippingEasy has definitely streamlined the whole process of getting orders out the door. The time it took me to process the large volume of orders generated by our Spring sale was a fraction of what our old platform would have taken. By allowing me to generate labels and packing slips with just a few simple steps and clicks, it has made life in the warehouse much smoother. Instead of spending all day just processing orders, I now can begin shipping them that day. I appreciate the ability to pick up the phone and speak with someone in tech support on a moment's notice if I have any issues or questions. I would have given 4 1/2 stars, but no fractions were allowed! The only reason I didn't give 5 was that they are still working on perfecting the QuickBooks integration. Once the minor issues with that have been resolved, then 5 stars all the way!

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10. říjen 2017

Clyde did an incredible job helping me with my packing slip! Everyone there has always been friendly and ready to help in whatever capacity they can! The program itself has improved over time as well, but still needs some work.

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Datum úprav: 31. leden 2023

ShippingEasy sent an email asking us to disconnect our store and reconnect with a new API connection and we lost all history, product images, and had to redo the branding. I am so thankful that Cesar on the Customer Support was able to get me back up and running. Thank you Cesar! I hate the robot chat.

Coastal Gifts Inc
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Datum úprav: 14. listopad 2019

The people at Shipping Easy are fantastic to work with! It works well with the right knowledge and support!

Mom & Popcorn
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3. únor 2020

Melody H. was very friendly. She was also very knowledgeable about the website and was very efficient in answering my questions.

Elite Sweets
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4. září 2014

Overall, it's great. But there's a bit of a learning curve to take care each of the special cases I run into with my orders, and it has some flaws.

Most notably: once order info is pushed to ShippingEasy, order information, including the shipping address, cannot be updated. Thus, when a customer updates their shipping address or requests we do it behind the scenes, there's no way to save the new address to the existing order. Your only option is to make a note and hope you remember to change the shipping address when you generate a shipping label for that order.

Their support is top notch. I've been consistently impressed by the knowledge of their phone, email, and chat support.

Overall, I'd recommend them over any other shipping service in the plug-and-play category.

Snap Tailor
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