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27. říjen 2023

So far so good. We switched to ShippingEasy after working with a low-cost budget label creating software but they were incredibly analog and took way too long to create, sync, and print labels with Shopify. ShippingEasy has allowed us to cut our fulfillment time by over half. The features I particularly like are the automation of label creation based on rules, and InstantLabel which will automatically print the labels. This has allowed us to go from creating each label one-by-one, copying tracking over to Shopify, and printing and packing with our old system (~1.5 hrs a day before being able to pack), to now coming in each day and having all the labels automatically created, printed, synced, and ready to ship.

There are still some things that need to be addressed (like some orders not being synced automatically...I've been waiting on a fix for this one for the last 3 months) but overall, I really don't have much to complain about.

Haven Tents
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2. září 2013

ShippingEasy has been incredible for us!

We found ShippingEasy by accident before we launched our Shopify Store and we are so happy they were with us as we launched our store.

Before ShippingEasy we used another Shipping App that was really clunky and hard to use. When I saw ShippingEasy's interface I knew it was the app for us.

Through-out the entire store launch process ShippingEasy walked us through setup, provided personal customer support contact information and constantly answer every question we through at them.

As a fellow small business we are really proud to support ShippingEasy. On the rare instance they didn't have an answer or we were having extra problems they went above and beyond to solve our issues!

I can't imagine choosing any other shipping application.

-Will Reynolds Young
Chief Digital Officer
SKINourishment, Inc

SKINourishment, Inc.
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17. říjen 2014

I am absolutely loving Shipping Easy. Everytime I have a question I get immediate support. Which is huge for me. Everything is so smooth and no copy and pasting! I have been telling all of my friends with online stores to check them out.

Your Joyologist™
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24. listopad 2014

Simply put, best shipping app, period!
But only if you are looking to save time and money...the pure ease of orders auto synced with your store plus so much more and the most genuine customer service support.
Sincerely thank you Madilynn and thank you Shipping Easy!
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Datum úprav: 13. leden 2015

The support team is amazing at troubleshooting and keeping you in the loop. I've been with Shopping Easy for over a year now and absolutely love working with them!

Sweet & Spark | Curated Vintage Costume Jewelry | Bridal Fashion & Wedding Style
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17. červenec 2014

The combo of Shipping Easy + a Dymo 4XL label printer is a life changer for any store owner shipping a physical product. It has cut our fulfillment process from the bane of our business to a manageable, hour per week process.

Shipping Easy get's the job done and has all the necessary features, but what sets it apart for me is the customer service. Every time we've had an issue or question we've received an immediate reply or phone call to keep our business moving.

Further, every one of these customer service interactions represents the way other companies should be handling their service - friendly but efficient and solution oriented.

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16. duben 2014

I don't write many reviews as I normally find myself too busy and simply forget. I felt compelled to leave one here, however. I was hesitant to sign up for any shipping service that cost money as we were doing our shipping through paypal multi-order shipping which is a free service. After opening our website and having to fulfill orders through ebay and shopify, we needed something to speed up and simplify the process. ShippingEasy does that. We are able to process our ebay orders in a matter of minutes a day, where it used to take us hours a day. Now we can focus on selling the product and getting it out the door, rather than writing packing slips and making sure customers are notified of shipping. This app does all that work for us.

I had a slight hesitancy to use this product as we had just bought several new dymo 450 label printers for shipping and this method required the use of a printer capable of 4x5 or 4x6 labels. To help with the cost of this purchase, their sales team waived our first three months of service fees which paid for the printer. Excellent service to start. Further, their support team personally called to walk us through the set up and show us the ropes, which was a huge help.

Here is the kicker. We were using paypal for shipping which automatically debited our account, which worked fine. However, using this service and the shipping partners they use endicia, and express, we can put all of our shipping charges on our business rewards card. Those monthly rewards pays for this service two fold.

So far, worth every penny. Thanks ShippingEasy.

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17. duben 2013

Shipping easy has worked great for us. The rates really are significantly lower if you go with one of the discount providers. Support has always been excellent. Responses are very fast and helpful.

Breakaway Fashions
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14. únor 2020

We use this app to print labels and ship out all of our orders. I was trying to connect a second warehouse and Jordan was extremely helpful!

Milk Snob
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29. červenec 2013

I couldn't imagine our store functioning without this amazing app.

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