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26 Haziran 2023

Although I have been trying to reach ShipRocket customer support for weeks, I was finally able to get technical assistance from Ms. Yashika today. She has patiently worked with me and walked me step by step with the integration. Hopefully all is well with my Shopify store and hope to have my business up and running soon.

Gustora Foods
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:40 dakika
4 Mart 2023

Good appp. Helpful for shipping through various shipping partners. Good management for tracking RTO orders as well. Option available to verify all or COD orders also through IVR calling. Overall decent services

The Quin Co
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:11 ay
4 Şubat 2023

never trust shiprocket, they charges many hidden charges than show the amount, first they charges more shipping charges than others, misrouted products, stolen products, than from 100 almost 60 times they without try delivery attampt automatically change status RTO, when you receive parcel of RTO, they change products, some times sent empty parcels just papers into parcles for show they deliverd RTO shipment, when you try to contact them they disapprove your claim, also they send less money in your account than your COD shipments they delivered, always check 2 times your cod payment account beacuse they sent less money aginst your COD shipment delivered amount, when you try to contact their customer support they always say they are some hidden charges they don't know. never use this. this is big SCAM of shiprocket.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:7 ay
Shiprocket - Shipping in India yanıt 15 Şubat 2023

Hi! Our team tried to contact you on your registered contact number multiple times however, the call went unanswered. We would like to inform you that the shipment has been marked as Lost on 23-03-2022 and the amount is credited to your SR wallet. - MB

8 Temmuz 2023

I had an incredible experience integrating Shiprocket's logistic services into my Shopify store. The seamless integration process allowed me to efficiently manage shipping rates, print labels, and track orders. What truly made the experience exceptional was the outstanding technical support provided by Palak, Shiprocket's customer representative. Palak's prompt and knowledgeable responses, coupled with her friendly demeanor, ensured that all my queries and concerns were addressed promptly and effectively. Her dedication to providing top-notch customer service truly impressed me. Overall, I highly recommend Shiprocket's logistic services, especially with Palak's exceptional support, to any Shopify store owner in need of reliable and efficient shipping solutions.

The Krshna Farms
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 gün
5 Mart 2023

Some shipments are being processed good and delivered good but some are having issues though they’re trying to resolve this soon , resolving time is 10 days which is lot according to my opinion hope they resolve the issues soon

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:22 gün
9 Eylül 2023

I was facing some issues as a new seller, got a call from Mr. AARAV for shiprocket team he really helped me to solve my issue. Overall a good experience.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
18 Eylül 2023

My issue of order not synced has been resolved very wisely by Mr.Arav. Good gudience and gentle behaviour with customer.Mr. Arav provided solution very patiently though there was network issue and voice was legging. Literally very happy with such a customer gudience and support.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:30 gün
29 Eylül 2022

The App is okay but support is pathetic. We're unable to fetch new orders from Shopify post 31st August 2022 due to some new update. We've tried to fix it on our own, not working. Tried to contact ship rocket via call & email, created multiple tickets from support, no resolution. Its been almost a month they are sending same system generated email responses and not bothered to fix the issue.

soham dave
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 2 yıl
Shiprocket - Shipping in India yanıt 30 Eylül 2022

Hi Soham, We want to sincerely apologize for your recent negative experience. We have escalated your remarks to our team and will get back to you with an update soon. Your patience is appreciated in the interim. - MB

29 Ağustos 2023

Absolute Nightmare! Avoid ShipRocket Like the Plague!

I can't even begin to express the utter frustration and disappointment I've experienced with ShipRocket. If I could give them zero stars, I would in a heartbeat. This app is an absolute dumpster fire, and I implore anyone with even a shred of common sense to steer far, far away from it.

From the moment I started using ShipRocket, it was like diving headfirst into a bottomless pit of incompetence. The user interface is a chaotic mess, reminiscent of a cheap '90s website that hasn't seen an update since dial-up internet. It's as if the developers actively went out of their way to create the most convoluted, counterintuitive app possible.

And don't even get me started on their customer service. It's non-existent, to say the least. It's clear that ShipRocket has a "take your money and run" mentality, leaving you high and dry when you encounter inevitable issues. It's like they hire support staff based on their ability to ignore and frustrate customers rather than assist them. Bravo, ShipRocket, you've truly mastered the art of customer neglect.

But wait, it gets better. The app's performance is a complete joke. Expect error messages at every turn, and brace yourself for the app crashing more times than a demolition derby. It's astonishing how a company can release such a shoddy, half-baked product and still have the audacity to charge for it.

Shipping? More like "never-shipping." ShipRocket has turned what should be a straightforward process into an unending cycle of delays, miscommunication, and lost packages. I wouldn't trust this app to ship a message in a bottle, let alone anything of actual value.

In conclusion, ShipRocket is an abomination of an app. It's an insult to anyone looking for a reliable, user-friendly shipping solution. Do yourself a favor and avoid this disaster like your business's reputation depends on it – because it does. ShipRocket, you should be ashamed of the garbage you've put out into the world.

I wish I could erase my encounter with ShipRocket from my memory. If I could physically throw this app into a black hole, I would do it without hesitation. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

bad service unethical practices all they want is to steal money from here or there, totally unacceptable

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:9 ay
Shiprocket - Shipping in India yanıt 31 Ağustos 2023

Hello! This is not the service we are known for and apologize for the hassle.Please allow me time till 2 working days to get back to you with an update. - MB

10 Mart 2023


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