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26. březen 2024

A bit expensive for a small app, but it's the one I could find for this. Simple and elegant.

I would like it if the staff could help with small customisations that are not available in the app. Anything I asked about, they just said they can't do it.

Yes, That's 3D Printed
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29. květen 2024

The app works excellent, I had some issues with my template, but the customer service has been an incredible experience, thank you very much!
Doba používání aplikace: 8 dny
23. duben 2024

At first had some problems with the app but the team helped me and have sorted everything out for me. Thank you so much

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Doba používání aplikace: 12 dny
24. březen 2024

Integrated perfectly with my store, only app that seemed to work for me. Great customer support, responded quickly and very helpful. Would recommend this app.

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Doba používání aplikace: 13 dny
28. květen 2024

Great Product and a great Support team that is always quick to help.

Wise Line Tools
Doba používání aplikace: 21 dny
30. duben 2024

I had a couple issues with integration. I got FAST help and this app is SO SIMPLE. All I wanted as absolute simplicity for a quick AOV booster and a cushion for our 1% error factor. With this app doing it's thing, we should always come out ahead on customer claims and we will also be able to filter out the folks who didn't opt in for a more streamlined and defined yes/no process for replacements.

Dude That Lifts
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 hodinami
17. březen 2024

Love the fast service, this will help increase my AOV!

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Doba používání aplikace: 17 dny
27. duben 2024

Amazing application, and great service.

Doba používání aplikace: 25 dny
30. březen 2024

Great app! Very complete with many features and very well made! The support also is outstanding. Very happy. 5 STARS!

Hidden Samples
Doba používání aplikace: Asi 23 hodinami
27. duben 2024

Amazing app, support in total this app generated me an extra 10k+ in EXTRA revenue

Ella Boutique
Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny