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14. březen 2024

I like stop I am still learning what everything does and I wasn't sure what shop was doing for me but I figured out what shop actually was and I found it and I can see my stuff there and I realized that I could actually share the shop app with people and they could find me there and I thought that was wonderful is the only thing that I figured out actually is working I tried to Facebook Instagram or Instagram Facebook and I tried to make that work and I couldn't get that to work for me for anything to save my life and I I can't figure out how to set that up so this was a dream when I saw that all my things were on there and that people can click on my favacon and an open up my store that was so beautiful I'm so grateful for this

Little Pretty Place
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4. duben 2024

Shop has been an incredible asset to our business! Since integrating Shop, we've noticed a significant increase in website traffic and customer engagement. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with our online store have made it easier than ever for customers to browse and purchase our products. We're thrilled with the results and highly recommend Shop to any business looking to boost their online presence and drive sales

Grit Knives
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5. duben 2024

The Shop app is a great addition and it was extremely easy to update with our store information. Cannot wait to see how it boosts our sales and brings more customers that would enjoy ALL GREY'D OUT products.

All Grey'D Out
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11. duben 2024

Great way to reach new customers and have all of their order history without having to develop your own app.

Ontario Reign Shop
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4. duben 2024

Shop has been responsible for 80% of my new customers. I wish the app could be even more customizable - I'd like to feature products and not collections. I only see an option to show All Products, and I'd just like to focus on a few.

The Musical Heritage Society
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11. březen 2024

I LOVE Shop. Makes everything easier and in one place. It does the hard work for me. So easy to look back at purchases or get info if I need a return.

Red Ribbon
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8. duben 2024

It's a great additional channel that takes an hour to set up at most and can make you a good chunk of change. Super low maintenence and sales for free, what more can you ask for?

Hairdressing Supplies
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10. březen 2024

I have gotten an increase of sales, I have the app for awhile so I say be patient and let your products speak for itself and you will get sales using Shop it brings customers to your store.

IM PERKY Boutique
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17. únor 2024

The Shop App helped us bring in our FIRST & SECOND orders ever. Thank you for allowing really small businesses to compete with the big guys! I cant thank you enough!

Sugar Nails
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10. duben 2024

Given I'm listed on this app, customers can tell I'm a genuine site. It does provide confidence to potential customers in my store/brand. Thank you Shopify.

Your Fragrance Online
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