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18. červen 2023

Shop is the most convenient way to buy and allow customers to shop directly on Shop. Shop App make payments and purchase fast. Customers can easily saves their email address, shipping details and credit card for a more convenient experience. Most important customers have access to track order with delivery directly with the app, which increases trustworthiness towards my brand, because customers don’t have to go through their email to find their order status.

Pineapple N Baby
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16. květen 2023

I make a lot of money from the Shop app. I think Shopify asks for reviews after they purchase something because I have a lot of reviews. It seems to make people put in details along with their reviews and doesn't do just ratings because all the reviews are high quality. I don't know why this app channel has such bad reviews. I am very pleased with it!

The Autistic Innovator
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27. srpen 2023

The shop platform has truly been a game-changer for my business. Not only has it facilitated our growth, but it has also enabled us to establish deeper connections with our customers - something I absolutely love!

From the moment we integrated the shop features into our business model, we noticed a significant uptick in sales and customer engagement. The user-friendly interface made it easy for us to showcase our products in an appealing manner, and the seamless checkout process undoubtedly contributed to the increase in conversions.

However, what truly sets this shop apart is its ability to foster customer relationships. The built-in tools for personalized communication, such as automated follow-up emails and order updates, have allowed us to stay connected with our customers even after they've made a purchase. This ongoing interaction has not only led to repeat business but has also given us valuable insights into our customers' preferences and needs.

Furthermore, the shop's analytics dashboard has been an invaluable resource. It provides us with detailed information about our customers' behaviors and purchasing patterns, empowering us to tailor our offerings to better suit their desires.

As a business owner, I can confidently say that the shop has helped us not only grow financially but also emotionally connect with our customers on a deeper level. The positive impact it's had on our brand reputation and customer loyalty is truly remarkable.

In conclusion, I'm absolutely thrilled with the results the shop has brought to my business. It's more than just a selling platform; it's a tool for fostering connections and creating memorable shopping experiences. If you're looking to take your business growth and customer engagement to the next level, I highly recommend giving this shop platform a try!

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25. srpen 2023

Having been featured as one of the top mattress retailers on the Shop App has not only been an honor but a transformative experience for our brand, Mattress Central.

User-Friendly Design: The user interface is exceptionally intuitive. Whether you're a tech-savvy millennial or someone who’s only recently begun to embrace online shopping, navigating through the myriad of products has never been easier.

Reliability: With other platforms, we've faced hiccups, especially during high traffic sales events. Shop App, however, has consistently proven its stability, ensuring our customers have a seamless shopping experience any time of the day.

Enhanced Visibility: Being featured prominently has directed a significant flow of organic traffic our way. It's evident that Shop App not only values its retailers but also ensures they shine on their platform.

Safe and Secure: Our customers frequently commend the safety and transparency of the checkout process. This has boosted their confidence in online purchases and, in turn, has reflected positively on our sales and customer loyalty.

Feedback Loop: The review and feedback system in place allows us to directly communicate and address any concerns our customers might have. This open channel has paved the way for improved customer satisfaction and brand trust.

In conclusion, partnering with the Shop App has been a game-changer for Mattress Central. The app’s commitment to showcasing quality retailers and ensuring user satisfaction aligns perfectly with our core values. We look forward to a long and prosperous association and heartily recommend the Shop App to other businesses and customers alike.

Warm Regards,
Team Mattress Central

Mattress Central
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7. září 2023

It was all good at first, I had to deactivate the shop to make some changes and now that I activated it again the app is showing this message " Your store needs to be on an active Basic Shopify plan or higher. "

I am active again already since yesterday and its still showing. I Need to speak to somebody about it.

Again, its amazing when its working.

The Borges Collective
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 12. září 2023

Thank you for your review! I recommend uninstalling the app and reinstalling it for a new connection. -Emily, Shop Support

Datum úprav: 3. prosinec 2022

I'm honestly surprised to see the negative reviews. It took me about ~20 minutes to set everything up (It was mainly tedious work), I created my collections and then published them to the Shop Channel. This app has brought me Many new customers. The only bad thing about this app is that you can only add 10 Collections to your shop and there is no way to increase this limit (There might be a way, but I just don't know).

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19. květen 2023

Using Shopify as a sales channel for our shop has been extremely helpful in boosting our brand and product sales. The platform's user-friendly interface and customizable features have allowed us to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for our customers. The variety of apps and integrations available on Shopify has also helped us streamline our operations and manage our inventory more efficiently. Overall, we highly recommend using Shopify as a sales channel for any business looking to expand their online presence and increase their sales. It's been a game-changer for us, and we're excited to continue growing our business with Shopify by our side.

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3. srpen 2023

I can't say enough about the incredible support and results I've experienced with "Shop"! Their team has truly driven customers to my store and made a significant impact on my business.

From the very beginning, they showed a deep understanding of my brand and goals, tailoring their marketing strategies to suit my needs perfectly. Their expertise in online advertising and social media campaigns is second to none, and they consistently deliver impressive results.

Thanks to "Shop's" dedication and hard work, my store's visibility has soared, leading to a steady increase in foot traffic and online sales. The return on investment has been exceptional, and I can confidently say that partnering with "Shop" was the best decision I've made for my business.

What sets them apart is not just their marketing prowess, but also their commitment to excellent customer service. Their team is always available to answer my questions, provide valuable insights, and collaborate on new ideas to drive even more traffic to my store.

If you're looking for a marketing partner that truly understands your business and knows how to attract customers, I wholeheartedly recommend "Shop." Their expertise and dedication have made a significant difference for me, and I'm excited about the continued growth and success they bring to my store. Thank you, "Shop" – you have a customer for life! ️

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4. srpen 2023

So far it is great i am able to set it up so it shows everything the customers are seeing and so easy to set up that way. I just hope I will be able to set up the rest once I finally hit more orders and less shipping time. Then I want to see the potential of this application.

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26. červen 2023

As a business owner - This app is awesome and smooth sailing for my business. I am able to link collections and make custom changes all in one app.

As a retailer - this app just does it all I can purchase, track and contact all with the click of one button.

Highly recommend.

The Hijab Outlet
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