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5. duben 2024

This app excels for online sales channels but is unfortunately lacking for POS integration with Shopify. Here are the features we'd love to see:

1. Bundles on POS
2. Stackable Discounts
3. Customer View App for iOS

While I've noticed generic responses in the past, providing a timeframe for these updates would be greatly appreciated instead of a generic 'so stay tuned' message.

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9. duben 2024

It's frustrating that the app keeps displaying my bundles as out of stock when they're clearly not. It seems to be a recurring glitch, and the workaround only offers a temporary fix, requiring about 20 minutes of manual adjustment each time. Constantly monitoring and fixing this issue is eating into valuable time and potentially costing me sales. Unless this glitch is resolved soon, I'll have no choice but to switch to a different app. It's imperative to address this promptly as it's directly impacting my business's revenue and customer experience.

Morris Got Mail
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13. únor 2024

The app is very good. Create bundles got much simpler. It still need few improvement and more flexibility. Please look after my request and i'll improve my ratings

Indian Petals
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28. únor 2024

The app needs improvement to offer a more streamlined and clear bundle experience on the frontend.

Some of my product titles are lengthy. When bundled, in the variant options, the text looks excessively long, and confusing for the user. Ideally, I should choose what text to use inside the variant, example "Choose color" rather than the entire product title, since the bundle itself is already named. Currently, I have to manually rewrite the variant title text using JavaScript injection, which is not the ideal method for modifying the app experience, but it's what I have to work with.

Additionally, the swatch color does not appear in the variant options, which should at least display the color.

Nevertheless, I see a lot of potential in this simple plugin. Hopefully, the team behind it will listen to the community and implement some of these changes sooner rather than later.

Zerodamage Sahara Case LLC
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. březen 2024

Thanks for your feedback. We continue to work hard on updating our app's features and capabilities, and we will pass this feedback along to our team.

23. leden 2024

Good and simple App.

offers me the option to sell multiple products assembled as one.

However live pricing update would be very, very helpfull and a huge improvement to the app. at this moment only the stock is updated automatically.
Since i have dynamic pricing of my products i have to manually update this every day.

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11. duben 2024

Great app! Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because it is missing an option to add a "compare at" price. Since the bundle is usually at a discounted price, I feel it is a feature it should have. Aside from that, it is a very good app.

Fajas Shape
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31. leden 2024

This app could have been quite good, but unfortunately, the lack of compatibility with Facebook, Google and other sales channels, not to mention Shopify's own draft orders, really lets it down. It's rather like getting half the cake and finding it's not even fully baked. :(

Life Apparel Co
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 5. únor 2024

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! Our team is currently working on enabling bundles in draft orders and additional sales channels, so stay tuned.

19. leden 2024

Been great, would be good if we could add bundles to carts too when creating an order rather than individual items :)

Kawai Jewellery
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10. duben 2024

The user experience is simple and intuitive, making it very convenient for merchants who want to bundle products. Unfortunately, the inability to sell products on Facebook, Google, or even through POS channels will significantly impact business.

You can't run popular Facebook dynamic ads or allow customers to purchase during in-person checkout. I sincerely appreciate Shopify for launching this app, but I hope it can be improved further.

Wavebone Studio Furniture
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31. leden 2024

Bundles are a wonnderful add on, as it allows you to all the products that match that range all into one listing, at a discounted price.

Barb Wire Designs
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