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3. leden 2024

I have tried several bundles apps that stopped running after few days and claimed you to upgrade to Professional plan with a high extra payment. Also non of them worked on POS. This Shopify App is free, also not working on POS, but you can make specific POS products for your POS.

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6. duben 2024

Best for sale bundle to gave more discount to customer.

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14. únor 2024

Hey, nice app but you will have five stars when you will put more variants available :)

Do you know when it will come ?

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27. únor 2024

The app has potential to be a great app. But it's still very limited and buggy.

- you cant bulk edit the variants of the bundle(price, compared-price, sku, etc)
- if you remove or add a product to the bundle the price is recalculated
- you can't associate the bundle to a different shipping rate because it's not a product itself

- It's easy to create a bundle
- so far it manages well the inventory

As I said, it has a big potential to be a great app. But it need lots of developments.

Maria Melancia
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. březen 2024

Thanks for your feedback.

We recently updated the app so that the bundle price doesn't recalculate if you add or remove a product when you save the bundle.

We continue to work hard on updating our app's features and capabilities, and we will pass this feedback along to our team.

9. duben 2024

Simple and effective!

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19. únor 2024

This app simply doesn't work. There's a known issue that Shopify has to resolve to make it so the bundles even have the inventory to make them sellable. Very unimpressed. If there's an issue with an app, maybe take it down, fix the problem, then put it back online when it's functional?

Bench Costco Next
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. březen 2024

Thank you for your feedback, and we appreciate your patience. Sorry to hear that you were experiencing problems with your store. This issue is resolved. Please reach out to Shopify Support if you experience further issues.

23. únor 2024

I Like the easy of creating a sales bundle with product options. Very easy to build. I do wish it would work with Facebook and Instagram shops as well.

Pavi Marie Candle Company
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Datum úprav: 7. květen 2024

We've been running the bundles app for a couple of months now and while it's a great addition to our shopify store there are some issues that need to be addressed for it to be a reliable tool in complicated fulfillment environments. If you have a simple store with inventory stored and shipped from a single location you probably won't encounter any of the issues I've had. My main complaints are that I can't track bundle sales by sku or tag and any time a fulfillment location is removed from a product it causes all the bundles associated with that product to show zero stock when stock is still available at other locations. I also just discovered that using a mix of physical and digital products in the same bundles can cause some customers to not be able to check out.

Session Goods
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11. únor 2024

I like this bundling allowing me to use custom SKUs for multipacks. A shame that it doesnt work with Draft Order a I need that. Would have been perfect otherwise.

Drink Free Co
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 12. únor 2024

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! Our team is currently working on development of this feature, so stay tuned.

3. květen 2024

Very Limited on types of bundles

The Furniture Direct Store
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 24. květen 2024

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We continue to work hard on updating our app's features and capabilities, and we will pass this feedback along to our team.