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5. říjen 2023

SO SAD! Shopify makes an app that doesn't work with it's own platform.
Does not work if you have POS installed,
Shows inventory Sold Out when it's not
Support doesn't know and keeps pasting same message.. to check eligibility page - that page suggest to contact support if need help.

Other apps for $6.99 a month and work just fine.

Subscriptions App, Bundle App & Collaborator App all made by Shopify and don't work on Shopify.

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26. září 2023

Excited to see this expand and evolve, but we can't use it as it stands now. We're revisiting this app in the future and hopefully some of the cons here will have been worked out.

1- Auto price calculation and updating.
2- Might provide more accurate stock or less discrepancies ( which happen already very rarely with the other bundles app we use).
3- You can see that the line items are bundles in Shopify. You can't see this in the other app we use.

1- Can't show in any sale channel except online store, no POS and no IG social media. So it's affecting instagram marketing.

2- The line item "type" takes the "type" from components and doesn't have its own. This causes issues with our email flows so people don't receive an associated email we have set up. Changing the product type or tags on the components would affect all of our other collections conditions.

3- Stock tracking and adjustment history and committed orders don't show on the kit line item which makes stock investigations a bit more complex.

4- App feel like a work in progress features-wise

5- Bulk edit doesn't work on some of the features so we have to use another app for edits like the weight.

6- Can't be used on a pre-existing line item which means we would have to re-do ALL existing bundles. The investment of this work is high.

7- Printed invoices don't reflect that the customer has bought a bundle so it makes pulling and organizing orders harder (especially if it's a launch with bundles from different pulling locations in addition to non-bundled items).

Stephen & Penelope
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Datum úprav: 10. prosinec 2023

The app is great, it works as it should. It's a shame it doesn't have a few additional features, but for a free app, it's fantastic! I recommend it.


Lack of creating bundles as variants with different quantities of a product (There is an "Amount" option as a variant, but you can't create sets like:
Variant 1:
Product A - 6x
Product B - 6x
Product C - 6x
Product D - 6x
Variant 2:
Product A - 12x
Product B - 12x
Product C - 12x
Product D - 12x)

You can't add a separate description for each variant, and it doesn't fetch already added descriptions.

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12. září 2023

L'idea dell'applicazione in se è molto buona. Utilizzo molte app di Shopify. Ma trovo che questa sia troppo limitata per il potenziale che ha. Sarebbe bello implementare una modalità "bundle builder", ovvero fare sì che sia il cliente ad avere la possibilità di creare dei bundle personalizzati a suo piacimento.

Fallo Creativo
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19. září 2023

I like the app; however, it is designed to only appear on the online store sales channel. Unfortunately, the bundles are NOT visible on other sales channels like facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc.

More Cottons
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 21. září 2023

Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on support for additional sales channels, so please stay tuned!

10. září 2023

It works ok for our needs, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work with POS, which is a major showstopper for us.

Chagrin River Outfitters
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 13. září 2023

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. With regards to POS compatibility, our team is currently working on development of this feature, so stay tuned.

8. říjen 2023

Just installed Shopify Bundles to Knitting Time shop. It was easy to install. It was easy to list products in bundle, however, searching for products to list from shopify store inventory, sometimes had to be specific ie SKU#. Pricing wasn't stable...if you re accessed the bundle, the price would reset itself to original selling price.
The items listed in the bundles was still available to sell individually. So if a single item is sold it would corrupt our bundle where item is included.
To add bundles, back button would take you back to Inventory. I had to tap APP and then create a new bundle. YOu could not add a bundle without going back to the APP tab.
We had to install individual pictures, it would not bring our picture of the item from the store.

Knitting Time
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 15. říjen 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! We are always evaluating new feature requests for our roadmap and will certainly consider these for the future.

12. listopad 2023

The app had us excited, but fell short. Way too much manual work required for users to use without dedicating an absurd amount of time. The bundle price pulls in individual pricing correctly, but pulls nothing in for cost. You cannot bulk edit costs, so you would have to go in and manually add the cost for every single variant. A great idea for an app, and just what we needed, but the time requirement to set up items, is just too much. Get the costs to auto-pull like the price, bulk edit as other products and fix sales reporting issues others commented on and you have a grand slam.

Fishing Addiction Gear
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 20. listopad 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! We are always evaluating new feature requests for our roadmap and will certainly consider this for the future.

18. září 2023

It's incompatible with partial payments, which is the entirety of our store. So if the products it creates can't work with my Downpay deposit app, it's useless. It does properly bundle the items and add to my order list with individual skus, but again if the customer can't use our partial payments, it's useless. Really hoping this is an added feature ASAP.

Athena Gaia
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 22. září 2023

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on support for this feature, so please stay tuned.

6. listopad 2023

Disappointing - Pretty limited flexibility.

Hope Shopify enhances this further down the line to make it more customisable for merchants.

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