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25. leden 2024

We recently migrated to Shopify Plus and decided to integrate the native Shopify Bundles app. My experience so far has been very positive. Opting for this native solution over a third-party app was a wise choice, providing a seamless and efficient bundling process. However, I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. My reason for holding back that perfect score is the app's current incompatibility with subscriptions and Draft Orders. Incorporating these features would significantly enhance its functionality and user experience. Looking forward to future updates!

Easy Breathe
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20. prosinec 2023

Good... but being limited to 10 items in a bundle is a slight problem. Please can you look to increase this number.

Gloss Fuel
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 5. únor 2024

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. You can now add up to 30 products to a bundle:

12. prosinec 2023

So far the app is working well for our use. I would rate more in the 3.75 range. The app desperately needs reporting, conversions, repeat buys by customers and other cart stats would be very helpful in helping us determine how the bundle is working vs the performance of the individual items. You can do that on your own, but that requires combing thru orders . Since the bundles have their own SKU anyway, why not also include them in the same reporting other products get?

One huge issue we are having with bundles! We are both a Online and POS customer, but the bundles app does not allow any of these bundles to be used in the POS brick and mortar store. Very ...very confusing for the customers who buy online and then pickup-in-store. They show up...want to buy another bundle and we then have to manually recreate the bundle thru discounts. This can get very messy when dealing with other discounts.

Please, please, please fix this Shopify!... it only makes since for Bundles to be able to work from E-store to POS.

Town & Shore Handcrafted
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26. listopad 2023

I liked the app. It is easy to create set of products. However, image aggregation part does not look ready. You can not select the photos from variants. You need to upload photos separately. Tough, it is worth to try.
You can see the results at

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3. leden 2024

GREAT APP, I believe still in the early stages, but with time it's going to be amazing.

For our store is not suitable right now as our inventory is big and creating multiple bundles it will take a long time, but we will come in a few months and see if it has improve the quantities of variations on products.

Thank you Shopify for keep trying to make things easier for us.

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10. prosinec 2023

Works well, would like to be able to turn already created products into bundles.

Dominikánská republika
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28. prosinec 2023

this app has been very easy to use so far

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21. říjen 2023

Simple and does exactly what we need it to do, but the ability for the customer to create a bundle with selected items would be nice.

Luxalete Athletics
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29. prosinec 2023

I love the easy use of the app for my jewelry sets but its downside because I cant sale them on FB, Instagram and etc This makes it how to market outside of shopify, please fix this

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24. listopad 2023

So far it's okay but I would like the opportunity to add more variation options.

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