Branded Short Links By Shortly

Branded Short Links By Shortly

od Shortly

Custom Short URLs, Discount links, Influencer links, UTMs

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Create Short Links

Create short URLs for Influencer-Marketing, Social Media Posts & Email-Marketing Campaigns with your own store domain.

Offer Discounts

Encourage customers to purchase multiple items, driving more sales and increasing your average order value by promoting discounted links.

Track Every Click And Sale

Knowing the results you getting from each link & what is working best will help you scale in the channels which brings you most sells.

Podrobnosti o Branded Short Links By Shortly

Best Use Scenario

  • Create custom short links with your own domain or use bitly
  • Redirect links
  • Attach UTMs
  • Create pre-loaded cart/checkout links
  • Track link clicks, sales, revenue and orders from each link
  • Create discount links & share with your customers
  • Create links for your Facebook/Instagram campaigns
  • Create links for Affiliate & Influencers
  • Instagram swipe-up story links
  • Email Marketing campaigns links
  • YouTube video description links
  • SMS campaign links
  • Link in bio (social media) links
  • Blog article links
  • Somewhere on your own website links
  • Any other campaign you want to track!

Shortly URL Shortener is the perfect app for shop owners who are looking to create their own short links and stop using unattractive long URLs.

If you are still using a 3rd party tool and really tired of long dull URLs then you are just a few clicks away from Shortly shortening URL. Try out a Shortly URL shortener which is the exact solution to crack all your problems.

Benefits of using this app:

  • Easy to use, and you will be able to run in a minute.
  • Track Every Click And Sale
  • No custom configuration required
  • Live support available after app installation

Why Shortly?

Shortly short link generator app is helpful for webmasters who are looking to leverage social media. It assists you to create a short version of your URLs that you can share via social media or through verbal, Long URLs can be tough to pronounce and difficult to remember. Our app fixes all your problems with Shortly shorten URLs.

Track Every Click And Sale

Knowing the results you getting from each short link & what is working best will help you scale in the channels which bring you most of the traffic & sales, with Short & Track you will see the number of sales & revenue you are getting, not only clicks.

Generate Short URL for shop page, product page, or custom URL

Our Shortly URL Shortener will automatically import and show all your product pages and shop pages in the app, which makes generating short URLs just a click away. Still, need custom links? you can do that too!

Shopify Link Shortener for Social Media Marketing

Use our link shortener to promote your products on social media. Use link analytics to track clicks and a lot more.

Bitly Links

You can short your links and add discounts by suing Bitly links within Shortly app.

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  • Create branded short links
  • Create discount links
  • Create links for Influencers
  • Create URLs redirections
  • UTMs
  • Track Link Clicks
  • Link Sales

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Loved this app...I have upgraded to the Plus Plan to have unlimited options for shortening and customizing the links from my store to give my ads a neater and more professional look. It Also gave me tracking on every hits my ad got. Highly recommend!


I requested a custom feature and support team added within 2 days. Awesome app and functionality. Clean and easy to use. Support is fast and highly professional. Thank you

Svedax Shopping

As a Shopify Store owner in the high-end Watches & Jewellery industry, we carefully choose which apps we employ on our storefront. After a comprehensive market analysis in the field of influencer Links, Discount links, Short Links, UTMs, Influencer payment & Budget calculator, we decided to use SHORTLY because of the very good reviews and a very promising demo. Our trust and hope were rewarded in every way. If I could give 100 stars, I would give 100!