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25. duben 2022

We wanted to create an offering of sets in our store and I had the task of going through and researching all the available bundle apps offered on Shopify. After some research, I went ahead with Simple, and damn was this the right choice. Implementing sets was a piece of cake. With the custom import, I was able to get sets up and running in 2 hours. Definitaly check this app out for all your bundle/set related needs.

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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 3. květen 2022

We're so happy you chose Simple Bundles and found your bundles easy to set up. 💕 Thanks for your lovely review!

Datum úprav: 11. listopad 2021

The app is really well thinking but if you manage your inventory with a CMS like QB Commerce the inventory will always get at 0 since QB will sync the inventory he has and that is not the one coming from Shopify. Also when a bundle is sold, in the invoice, you will have all the product that the bundle contain at 0$. That can be an issue if your bundle contain 10-15 products because it does big invoice. Support are great and fast. They helped us solving the issue with QB Commerce.

Growers & Co.
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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 18. listopad 2021

Thanks for your thoughtful review and for sharing your feedback! Simple Bundles works well with 3PL software that integrates with Shopify inventory. Since you're using Quickbooks Commerce to manage your inventory, we would recommend using its native bundling functionality.

Datum úprav: 29. červen 2022

While the app seemingly supports Locations, it's limited in that it deducts inventory from 1 "primary" location vs the location from which the bundle was purchased. This limitation renders it useless for those trying to maintain correct inventory levels at their multiple locations. If that was fixed, this would be a winner but it's unusable as is for our multi location store.

Perfectly Natural Soap
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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 4. červenec 2022

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. 🎁 Currently, we're limited by Shopify capabilities but we are actively working on solutions to work around it. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

Datum úprav: 16. březen 2022

The app is easy to use and the customer service response is very prompt. The low rating is only to warn businesses that use the profit margin and cost of goods sold reports. Every time a bundle is sold, both the cost of the bundle and the cost of the items are reported for cost of good sold and profit margin. Thus, duplicating the numbers and skewing the reports. If you don't use these reports at all, this is an easy and simple app with good customer service.

Everyday Wines
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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 3. duben 2022

Thanks for your review—we understand your concern. We documented these limitations in our help docs and have also introduced a "Separately-priced items" bundle that will mitigate this issue. As with any app, there are many limitations that we need to work around and continue to find creative solutions for. We hope you’ll understand!

11. březen 2022

I've literally been on the verge of crying happy tears while learning about, installing, and implementing this app. It solves so many issues I've had with my inventory management and liberates me from being the only person who understands how to fill every order. Now I can keep real inventory numbers, easily have another person fill orders for me while on vacation and (hopefully) make my upcoming switch to a 3PL much simpler. The cherry on top is that the help files show how thoroughly they've tested and solved issues that are bound to pop up with an app like this.

Genius Lab Gear
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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 17. březen 2022

We're crying happy tears just reading this. 🤗 Thanks so much for your thoughtful review. We hope our app gives you peace of mind while you're vacationing. 🌴 Let us know how we can help when you transition to a 3PL.

31. březen 2022

Absolutely, no doubt, 100% the best bundles app in shopify. "Simple" is for simple of use, but the features that this app provide are much complex and helpful. We use this app with all of our clients and we will keep using it whenever we need bundles management.

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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 3. duben 2022

This is music to our ears! 😌💖 Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us this thoughtful review. Please don't hesitate to reach out whenever we can help you or your clients with anything!

19. červenec 2022

I've used this app to create bundles for apparel (so, with multiple sizes and colours per SKU) - and it works flawlessly. Also: customer service is definitely on-point!

Atelier Melon
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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 1. srpen 2022

Thanks so much for your 5-star review. 🌷 We're so happy you had a great experience with our support team!

26. říjen 2022

This app was not for us. All we needed was a simple way to sync the components/products associated with bundles we were already selling on our store. But there were far too many caveats for us to move forward. What's not obvious from the app description:
Their default method breaks out the individual products in to separate line items on the order and discounts them 100% (screwing up your inventory reporting), but also adds the bundled SKU as its own line item (inflating your units sold). Their alternative method still breaks out the individual products but doesn't add the bundled SKU. But this effects your ability to discount properly and leave you with no way of knowing how many bundles were sold.

VIP Luxury Hair Care
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Vývojář Freshly Commerce odpověděl 5. listopad 2022

Hi team, I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced these roadblocks. I've tried reaching out to your team but haven't heard back.

As shown in our listings and videos, we do break down bundles and discount them to 100%. Alternatively, we also have a bundle type where the price remains attached to the individual SKUs so that it does not inflate units sold. Please let us know if our team can help with the bundle setup to resolve your issues.

14. květen 2024

EVER Skincare
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7. květen 2024

Sabon Singapore
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